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Fall Front Porch Progress

September 9, 2014

I had grand plans to take apart the summer porch on Labor day but with the foolery that was last week I didn’t get around to it until Saturday morning. I posted to Instagram last week the items that I purchased to begin the fall transition around here.
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…about last week

September 7, 2014

Sorry for all of the sponsored posts last week. I really do hate when it happens that way. The good part is the wheels on my car shall roll for another month and Addison will have a classroom to sit in.
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Hallmark Poster Sized Kids Cards

September 2, 2014
hallmark collage

If I wanted to I couldn’t speculate on how many birthday cards for kids as well as gifts that I’ve purchased on behalf of my children for their friends. There is a particular part of the year where it seems like everyone I know had babies at the same time and its birthday party after birthday party after……
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{Addison’s Room} New Décor Alert

August 28, 2014

While I knew that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I am really starting to grasp that a beautiful home won’t be built in a week, a month or heck even a year. I’m learning to  pick up décor pieces that strike me along the way as a cost friendly manner in which to build a good mix of things in my home…kind of like buying that sweater you like but haven’t a clue what you’ll wear with it and later finding the perfect skirt.
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