I’m rolling up on my 4 year Blogiversary soon. I’ve been at it for 4 years and my life and focus has changed tremendously during this time. Some of you have been around from the very beginning and I know exactly who you are and I appreciate you. Along the way I’ve gained and lost some but for the next year I would really like to focus on crafting my content to what you all like. If  you like it as it is I’m fine with that but I would like to see what you all enjoy in the blog world so that I can gain more readers and keep the ones that I have !  I would hate to lose you!



Sooooooo. Can you do me a favor? Please?

I am asking not begging you to please take this short survey so I can get an idea of where to spend the next year focusing my content…..maybe. Please feel free to choose multiple answers and if you have something you want to say that isn’t an option please feel free to type it in. Survey will close on July 27

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I mentioned here that I was turning our workout room into a homework space/playroom for the children.

DIY Floating Desk

You should be so proud of me, the equipment has been sold and the room is now a blank slate. I spent more nights than I wanted laying under the covers with my phone and when it died, my tablet trying to come up with a solution for the desk situation. I needed two and paying $200 wasn’t an option so I was looking for a low cost alternative. The other day while in Home Depot we were looking for some options when I remembered a friend of mine mentioned we might consider a hollow door and that’s what we ended up going with after I consulted Pinterest from my phone and found similar examples.

Floating Desk


The wall measures exactly 8ft. Unfortunately the door only measures around 7 ft so there will be gaps on the end and I’m fine with that. The door was a whopping $25 and I chose the one with the doorknob hole so that I have somewhere to fish cords through. We grabbed a few brackets, a quart of stain and a clear coat and headed home.

The perks of having an interior designer for a bestie is when you go to see your sweet precious god daughter for the first time her mother sends you home with free Glidden door and trim paint along with some chalkboard paint. I don’t need to tell you I returned the stain and clear coat.

Floating Desk DIY

So this isn’t your ordinary paint. It is gel based and is reported to give you great coverage with no brush marks and dry to a glossy top coat. It was a little lumpy but once I got it on the door it spread easily and covered like a dream. I didn’t have to use that much.

Glidden Trim and Door Paint

The next day it was rather tacky to the touch, however after sitting for the past 3 days it is no longer sticky and is ready to be put on the wall. The pictures don’t do the glossiness of it any justice. Super shiny I’ll be back with an update!!

DIY Floating Desk

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I live in the South if you didn’t know. Tea sipping,  is embedded in the southern culture and way of life. In the event you were wondering, both the literal and the Kermit variety are practiced here but today I am speaking in the literal sense #TrendTea hunty!  Sweet tea is a summer staple around here and I keep a few boxes readily available at all times. In the mornings when school is in session I will sit down with a pretty mug of Bigelow green tea to get my thoughts and plan of action together for the day. In the summer I often opt for it being cold since the weather outside is sizzling.

#shop #TrendTea

Entertaining is made easy with tea during the summer. When I have friends over the first offering is tea, then water. I  know. I told you it’s a way of life. One of the ways I make tea in the summer is by using the sun. Sun tea anyone?

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