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{#OurProject52} – Eyes

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If you’ve ever noticed in the majority of the photos I take in my car or outside I always have on sunglasses. While I do have a love for a good pair of shades mine serve a very important purpose…and not it’s not to “stunt” or “shine on them haters.”

My eyes are EXTREMELY sensitive to the sun. I mean extremely. I’ve spoken with the eye doctor about it on numerous occasions, tests have been done and nothing serious has been found other than the fact that my eyes are just sensitive. I’ll take that diagnosis and continue to feed my obsession, read guilty pleasure with designer sunglasses because if you have to wear them they may as well be fly. Continue Reading…

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{Weekend Vlog} Teaching. Serving. Girls Night In.

2_6 vlog

I think moving forward I am going to set the expectation that you should expect to see the weekend vlogs posted on Tuesdays moving forward. Editing and uploading is such a task that I think I will be better off telling you that I will post these on Tuesdays. Okay?

This weekend I again seemed to have spent a great deal of time in my car, speaking of…anyone noticed the gas prices creeping on a come up :-(. I managed to teach a class room full of 4 year olds, serve in the community and have a great time with the Fab Top Five. Continue Reading…

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{ The Fabulous 5 } Top 5 Date Night In Ideas

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Date nights are so necessary yet so elusive…for us at least. As much as we need to take the time to reconnect and enjoy one another without the kids, sometimes all of the pieces like a babysitter and something fun and cost effective doesn’t  always line up. To be completely honest, at times all of the cards line up but I’m just so tired that the idea of getting dressed up and leaving the house leaves me feeling like date night isn’t all that important…I know.

My husband and I vowed that in the new year at least once a month we would put our technology down and give one another our undivided attention for at least one evening a month. Here are 5 date night in ideas for those nights when the babysitter dips out on you or you just want to cuddle at home. Continue Reading…

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{#OurProject52} Week 5/52 – Motion

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I needed to take one thing off my plate, so I decided to make that one thing cleaning the kitchen in the evening. I’ve recently introduced my daughter to wiping the counters and sweeping the floor while my son is in charge of the dishes. She is so proud of her duties which lets me know that children will learn to love cleaning if you introduce them early. She really takes pride in her new job and does it without me having to ask. I wonder how long that will last!
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#CrazyHealthy Sometime Runner

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I love to run. I do. I just don’t love to run in the cold so I have coined myself the “sometime runner” because I only run from February until October. Now is the time that I dust off my running shoes, and start eying new running gear because I’m about to take off.
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