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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday- O’ Christmas Tree

December 11, 2013

We finally got a Christmas tree.

It was on the agenda but not at the forefront of the minds of the adults in this house. I suppose I was counting the fact that the mantle and the outside decorations were done, however the children  were ready to stage a coup if we didn’t get a tree. So get a tree we did.

We got it from Kroger, got it home and in the stand before remembering that all of our Christmas decorations were thrown out with the trash when we moved.

Off to Target.


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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday – My Fall Wreath

October 2, 2013
Fall Wreath

I have a confession.

Deep down inside I love crafting. I’m not very good at it but I would like to start trying. I’ve been perusing Hobby Lobby far too often, now that it is only a few minutes from my house. You can only go in there so many times without getting the feeling that you can actually make something.

I finally decided I would try my hand at something and decided to make a wreath for my front door to jump start my fall porch decorations.

I started off with a wreath that was $6.99 and a roll of burlap that was $4.99 both from Hobby Lobby. I also purchased this metal hanging sign from Kohl’s that was half off and ended up costing $9.99

Fall Wreath

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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday….What a Mum Taught Me

September 18, 2013
Bronze Mum

Last week I confessed to being obsessed with my new mum. Within the past week I have started to see some growth and it has been pretty exciting. The day before yesterday I looked at the plant perched below the window on my sink and noticed that the leaves were drooping. I immediately felt the top layer of dirt and although it wasn’t parched I figured it might need some water so I poured some in and set out to do something else. Within about 20 minutes I looked at it again and noticed the leaves were back in an upright position.

Bronze Mum

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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday

August 21, 2013

I am so sad that I haven’t really been able to pick up my camera like I want to. Now that things are settling down I am thinking about doing a 31 day picture challenge just to get myself back in photo taking mode.

Here’s a few I’ve managed to snap in the last week:


The thirst is real

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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday- Football Season

August 14, 2013

Football practice is in full swing around here. Prior to my husband being named the coach of my son’s team I spoke about being a hypocrite and making my son play football this year. So far he is really shining and is proving my theory right. His dad has been working with him non stop and it is showing. He actually looks forward to going to practice. I’m so proud of him.

I told y’all I knew what I was talking about….this time.

Ayyyyeeee. Peep my little photo bomber!