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Wardrobe Wednesday – Summer Flats

May 15, 2013

ShoeDazzle is sponsoring today’s discussion, however all opinions are my own. You already know.

As a self professed fab mom I have the habit of purchasing a ton of dress up clothing and high heels but on those days when I feel like dressing down I’m finding myself being more drab than fab because I haven’t done a great job of purchasing nice kick around clothing and shoes for those hot days when no one has time for a maxi dress and fancy shoes.

Lately I’ve been hanging out in shorts, tops and dresses but to my dismay my collection of flat shoes is minimal, and I don’t really count the numerous pairs of colorful flip flops that I have accumulated over the years from Old Navy. At this point I have worn my Tory Burch flats to death because I have few options and I’m in dire need of a pedicure….but that’s neither here nor there.

I am on the hunt for a few pairs of cute, function flats/flip flops/sandals that I can throw on and that are reasonable in cost. With summer here I really have no desire to drag two children into the shoe store so I am going to turn to some online options in the next few weeks to see what I can  get.

One online shoe retailer I have been peeking at is Shoe Dazzle. I recently completed their online quiz and they supplied me with a showroom of shoes based on the pictures that I selected during the quiz. ShoeDazzle is currently offering 25% off your first purchase made within 2 days of taking the online quiz. Get started here!

Here are my top four picks and you will probably see me rocking at least two pair of these in the very near future.


In the past I have been leery of these online shoe shops but I have been purchasing from them more often and ShoeDazzle has proven to provide timely shipping with true to size fitting with my past experiences. Recently Rachel Zoe has come on board to offer her style advice regarding on trend shoes for those who may be a little style challenged…and in my eyes Rachel is always on.

In addition to Rachel’s style advice there is a Daily Fix shoe which is sold on that day only with free shipping. Once you get the hang of things there is also a VIP Membership program that provides members with free shipping on all orders and exclusive offers for 10-25% off regular priced merchandise for $9.95 per month.

ShoeDazzle is proving to be  a great resource for online shoe shopping while helping women make good, on trend shoe purchasing decisions without dragging a girl friend along or a depending on a small child to tell you whether or not a shoe looks good.

ShoeDazzle is currently offering 25% off your first purchase made within 2 days of taking the online quiz. Get started here!


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Wardrobe Wednesday: Headwrap Tutorial & Giveaway

November 14, 2012

Being well put together sometimes comes down to merely your accessories and other small touches that make a huge impact.

Earrings, necklaces, and even headwraps can turn a plain t shirt and jeans into a major statement. I have been in love with headwraps for quite some time and could never quite get them to work for me until recently.

In a little over 2 minutes my headwrap, earrings, necklace and sunglasses provided just the right amount of fab to turn my drab outfit of a plain shirt, jeans and Uggs into something I like to call “kick around chic.”

I received a lot of requests to complete a tutorial on how I managed to get my headwrap to look like that and I against my better judgment have submitted myself to the Youtube gods and created a video. I kept it simple and hopefully it will help someone.

In the video I explained the key to creating this look is to make sure your scarf is sizable enough. Lucky for y’all the scarf I am wearing was made by one of my good friends who owns My Head Tie, and she has been generous enough to provide me with three scarves to giveaway. They are not only good for headwraps but double as night caps. Made of imported silk they work wonders in maintaining your hair while you sleep. They are even available in smaller sizes for children. They get better with every wash. Like the silk becomes so soft and pliable and I can’t really explain it but I freaked out when I lost mine. You know how folks are about their head scarves!!

The giveaway will run for one week. Three winners will be selected on November 21. Good Luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wardrobe Wednesday…Chunky Knits

October 17, 2012

I love anything knitted or crocheted. I just do…and if I could take out the time to learn and stop making Etsy shops rich I might have more in my wardrobe.

Like the cardigan, a chunky knit instantly transforms the drab into fab. Its a statement piece that needs no competition. Jeans, a shirt and a nice stud earring is all you need to let a chunky knit steal the show.

Source: via cathie on Pinteres

Source: via Laura. on Pinterest

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I have had some luck finding the best chunky knits at  TJ Maxx/Marshalls and in the thrift store, oh and on Etsy.

Chunky knits are another fab and functional item that is worth adding to your wardrobe.

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Wardrobe Wednesday…The Crossbody Bag

October 10, 2012

A cross body bag is fab and functional. Two “F” words mothers find acceptable. These double duty doses of fabulousness enable one to be ready to sprint, catch falling baby debris and carry tantrum prone babies at a moments notice.

Cross body bags fit the build when you need your hands free but still want to look hip and stylish.

I’m not completely sure but I am 5000% convinced the lady from the post here, had this in her shopping bag

 …and this one too

I would love to own that Tory Burch bag…both of ‘em. As if. Do you own a crossbody bag? Do you love it?

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Wardrobe Wednesday- Goodwill’n and Deal’n

October 3, 2012

Consistently being able to snag a good deal is a fine art, mixed in with a few sprinkles of chance.

We all know that one person who can get a $800 pair of shoes for $40 at TJ Maxx, and not the one on their side of town but the one up the street from your house. Sort of like someone on the inside is giving them tips Martha Stewart style. Inside markdown trading is what I like to call it.

Be it a thrift, consignment, or retail store there is a strategy to ensure you have a chance at snagging a great deal and then… well I hate to say it, but some of it just boils down to being in the right place at the right time..or as the old folks would say fayva favor, and no favor “ain’t”  always fair.

While I can’t drape you with favor I can pass along a few tips that work for me when it comes to snagging a great deal. 

Being a savvy shopper starts before you step foot in the store.Find inspiration from your favorite actress, magazine or Pinterest. Having an idea of what you like and what is on trend will enable you to snag relevant items. Sometimes its not about the trend at all but what you personally like, again inspiration is a good thing. It materializes those things you love into something visual that you can use as an example when trying to recreate a look.


Off season, markdown days, and final clearance indicators are your friend. I am known to shop off season. For example, it is now fall. Fall clothing will be marked down in the next few weeks to make way for winter fashions. Guess what? Layer your fall items and make them work for winter.

Ask sales associates for tips. Here’s one, if you are in the Gap and the price ends in $.99 it will be marked down again. If the last digit is a 7 that is the lowest it will ever go. Just ask, more than likely they will spill the beans.

Blogs are your friend as well. Coupon sites don’t just dish out coupon news for groceries they often get the scoop on retail deals as well. Every now and then they may link a coupon so keep your eyes peeled for deals there as well. Sister Save-A-Lot is one to read.


LOOK at each piece of clothing on every rack. This is the key to success in a thrift or consignment shop. There are many times when I have almost bypassed glory because I wanted to be lazy. Want to find great things thrifting? You have to look and be ye not weary, for you will find awesome things if you stay the course and do not falter. *church organ chord plays here*


I remember a day when outlets were truly outlets..ya feel me? Now on a good day you have to stand outside and look for the tall sign…the one you can see from the highway to make sure you are in the right spot. The black and white line that defined a retail store from an outlet store has become gray. Fret not my pet. Make sure you sign up for emails from your favorite outlet stores. The deals come in the form of random coupons they send. Couple these with the measly 20% off in the store and you might find yourself something. Some of the best deals I have found at an outlet come from Gap, Children’s Place, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Carter’s and Gymboree.

I live close to an outlet mall so its worth it for me. If you will have to travel a distance I would rethink taking the trip unless I was planning to do a large amount of shopping and I knew there were deals and coupons. Otherwise the gas and time may not be worth the trip.


Some folks subscribe to the spend it you can’t take it with you theory, and I don’t knock them. I cancelled my subscription when I realized that my babies futures can’t be built on the back of a Gucci bag but that $800 in a bank account makes a true difference towards their future. I will say I do believe in a good splurge on a classic handbag and pair of shoes within reason. However, if I don’t have it, I don’t spend it.

Nothing is a true deal if you don’t need it and you have no control over what you are spending. Set an amount you want to spend and try not to go over. Sometimes it gets hard. I know, I’ve done those quick calculations in my head and made some bad decisions but when you know better you do better.

It is very possible to look fab on a modest budget. It takes, time, patience and strategy. If you work at it, you will perfect it.

Have any additional tips to add? The comment section is all yours. Sharing is caring :-)

Do you have any luck finding great deals, or are you the one who always gets there right as the person is putting said item in their buggy and you secretly stalk them around the store hiding behind endcaps hoping they put it back?


Don’t forget to enter the $75 Zutano Children’s Clothing Giveaway


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Wardrobe Wednesday..The Power of a Good Cardigan

September 19, 2012

I have an unhealthy obsession with cardigans. They are the perfect layering piece to turn a drab outfit into a fab ensemble.

A plain T shirt and a pair of jeans gain new life with the addition of a cardigan, and some jewelry. Cardigans offer flexibility and an endless range of design options for people who may be a little style challenged. We all have accessories and shoes. That’s all it really takes to pull off a polished look with a cardigan.

Day at the mall

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