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Weight a D@*n Minute

May 20, 2014

I’m just going to jump right into this post.

I can’t fit any of my clothes and I’ve been feeling really horrible and sluggish lately and I’m certain it has everything to do with the fact that I’ve been sedentary for the past few months.

I’ve gained some weight and I’m totally fine with that, except I can’t sit down without unbuttoning my pants and I’m not in the mood to go on a new jeans shopping spree so I’m setting out on a fitness journey that will hopefully become more of a lifestyle for me this time around than a quest to stay in my current size.



Truthfully speaking in my head I’m still in my late twenties. I know.

REALITY speaking says I am 5 short years from 40 and I need to get serious about my health. I’ve been having chest pains sporadically and my joints hurt and yeah…I just. I don’t know. I can’t.

I can’t sit around and continue to think that my body isn’t getting older and needs a little help to be at it’s best. It’s showing me that daily and I would be a fool to ignore it.  I’ve been managing my blood pressure and cholesterol well but I need to get my arse up and move. I suppose the metabolism that “I was blessed” with as people say has had it’s run and is throwing me the deuces. I “ain’t got no worries” on that. I been dying for some boot- tay but not at the cost of being unhealthy.

I’m not planning to obsess cause when I push myself too hard I don’t stay with it. I’m taking this at my own pace and setting a goal to run a 5K sometime by the end of the year with a 10 minute mile. However long it takes me to get there is how long it will take.

If I fall off…I’m sure I will. I’ll just get up and start again. I’m promising myself it won’t be months again.

I just want to be well, strong, and healthy and look well in my clothes. That’s it.

I’m hoping this encourages some of you to get moving.

Are you on a fitness journey? How are you staying motivated? Do you need to get moving? What’s stopping you?

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The Takeover

November 16, 2011

I know I was supposed to post pics from my trip today but for some reason my computer is acting funny and I am not in the mood to fight with it. Tomorrow, or some day after I will post them.

I was stretching for something to write about. This blog challenge is getting just that…challenging. Then I thought about something that perturbed me and thought I would bring it to you my extended family.

So look. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I run with a few women early in the morning as in 5a. Initially there was only three of us. We had our route, we opened the group for others to join us. Weeeelllllll, this lady joined the group and practically took over. We are a part of a bigger organization called Black Girls Run and she just took over posting about others joining the run, she changed the route, time and everything. No credit given to the lady who was the originator of the route.

Now.  I am thinking protocol would say consult with the person who initially started the run to see if they were willing to hand over the reigns, if not work with them to see if they need your assistance. Otherwise, go somewhere else and start your own run…at least that’s my opinion.

Needless to say I haven’t ran with the group since this coup took over. I am really funny about stuff like that. I just think its a respect and common courtesy issue. I don’t know. These are some of the reasons why I don’t get involved in church activities and things of the like. Some people have that take over spirit and it just doesn’t settle well with me. God is still working on me so I’ve decided to fall back and be quiet.

Bloggies…am I being silly. Is it just that this lady is on a hundred thousand trillion while I’m chilling on the beach with a Corona that I don’t get the thirst she has in taking over this run. What do you think? I said I am going to run in the morning, but I’m just not sure I can properly edit my thoughts at that hour of the morning if something out of the way is said. I might be stretching..seriously. Am I? Don’t lie.