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{Vlog} Day in the Life + December Randoms

December 1, 2014

How was Thanksgiving?  Ours was well, we hosted so I did little blogging last week. I mean trying to make sure that the sweet potato pie had enough sugar and the potato salad enough relish required all of my attention and concentration. My girl was the collard green queen. She had that area covered.
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{Mimi’s World} Day in the life Vlog + Monday Musings

October 27, 2014
We in here cutting up. They are about to kick us out of here

I feel like I’ve been so disconnected from this space for the past two weeks. There isn’t a  particularly exceptional reason for said disconnect, except for my gross inability to properly organize my life. My well intentions and what actually “had” happened   left me floundering trying to get everything done these past few weeks. Everything that was pressing has been completed and now this week I can start with a fresh slate…and those same good intentions to live a well organized life!!
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October Musings

October 2, 2014

Oh October. Already? This year is surely getting by. Seems like just a few short months ago we met, and now I’m staring you in the face again a year older not sure the wiser but certainly thankful to see you again.

Here is my October chalkboard artistry for the month. I need to clean it up a little but for the most part this is it. The children love it, it really and truly is the small things with little people.
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