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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday Project 365/43-49

March 13, 2013
Adrian and I

Absolutely nothing fancy this week since the baby was sick the entire weekend.


Giving big bro a hug after his Math Bee



Who doesn’t love Daddy snuggles


I can’t believe she is big enough to climb on this by herself..


Saw this at Ikea. I think I want to grow an herb garden like this at the new crib

Mr. and I ridin’ round and gettin’ it….

Sick baby is alllll better!!

Photography, Project 365

{kinda} Wordless Wednesday Project 365/8-14

January 30, 2013

This week was off. Off as in I just couldn’t get it together, off like a light switch. Lots of drama with the house and I am forcing myself to salvage the remainder of the week. #youcare

I will dish tea and crumpets on the house issues tomorrow.

Last week I took sucky pictures, and had the nerve to miss a day. None of them came out right. The lighting was wrong, they wouldn’t keep still, I had no creative motivation…*insert Charlie Brown’s teacher womp womps* and I thought about not posting them. Oh, then I was like this blog is about real life, not perfection and the reality is I am still learning photography and in general sometimes we are just off and this weeks photos are a representation of that. I am choosing to post them because they are my life…and this past week it was off balance. Maybe next week? I hope.


Cause no one listens when I say put on lotion after you take a bath

Cause no one listens when I say put on lotion after you take a bath






Cocktail cupcakes make me happy


I like to call this "Mad because Violet's batteries are dead"

I like to call this “Mad because Violet’s batteries are dead”