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A Purple Striped Dress and Green Converse

August 25, 2014

Addison and I have a fairly easy morning routine. She’s in the bed early each night so she often wakes herself before I come in her room. Once out of the bed she calmly puts on the outfit that I’ve chosen and we handle a few of the necessities, you know brush teeth, comb hair etc. Continue Reading…


Happy Mother’s Day!

May 11, 2014
Scarlett Mommy & Belly 4_25_10-114

Mother’s Day can be such a tricky day. There are just so many scenarios to be joyful and sad for.

As I celebrate my 6th Mother’s Day without my own mother, I woke this morning with tears in my eyes but reflecting on the lifelong journey that my mother has set me on. Being a mother is the most difficult yet rewarding path that she set me on even though back in the day I was sure it was the AP classes she made me take, and the day she left me at college sitting in a dorm room all alone.

Scarlett Mommy & Belly 4_25_10-114

As I come in contact with women daily who don’t have children of their own but constantly look after and mother children that are not biologically theirs I see that motherhood indeed has nothing to do with birthing your own children but everything to do with a kind, loving and sacrificial heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothering, whether it be in our communities, classrooms, and homes. You are appreciated. To those who have lost, are trying and have given up, Mother’s Day wishes to you as well. It takes a village and a special person to want to undertake the enormous responsibilities involved in raising productive children that later become responsible adults. You all have my love.

I created a little Flipagram of my motherhood journey for fun. Looking at these pictures reminded me that I am only 8 years in but becoming a mother has certainly been my greatest accomplishment two times over!

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game….Like Every Day

April 23, 2014

When we have children, maybe I’ll speak for myself.

When I had children I just couldn’t wait for them to get of age to get involved in extracurricular activities. Piano lessons, sports, dance lessons etc. I wanted my children to be just as involved and well rounded as I was growing up.  I surely wasn’t thinking about  the logistics required to have two children involved in multiple activities. Every day of the week we are gone and don’t mention the weekends. Saturdays start early and end late.

The baby is taking her first foray into sports and is playing Tee Ball this year. Talk about something hilarious. Either everyone is running for the ball, including members of the batting team or my child is pointing at the ball as it rolls by. Baseball

Moments in the dug out are spend socializing, not at all paying attention to the game.


I will say she will get out there and give that ball a real whack….with her Hello Kitty bat that I had to go to 3 Targets to find. Anything for my baby. She’ll run as well, maybe not to the correct base but those little legs move.


I am a fan of children playing sports because it teaches them sportsmanship. She has to learn that every time won’t be her turn. Remember those days of being impatient because you wanted it to be your turn. She’s on that. She earned this trait honestly. I won’t tell you how many times my Mama got me together on the field because I was being a poor sport.


As tired and ragged as I feel I wouldn’t have it any other way. I read somewhere the other day that we may complain now about how many activities our children have, or how messy they are or about the 238,038,581 questions they may ask in a day but the truth is one day they will grow up and we will look back on these moments and long for them.

I guess.


Where my sports Moms at? Do you have snacks packed in your purse to nibble on? Do you talk to the other Moms? Are you the Team Mom?

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God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional

January 7, 2014


Faith is a huge part of my life as many of you already know. I was raised in the church, my mother starting teaching me at a very young age about God. Like many others as a young adult I strayed away from the church in search of fun and foolery. No matter how far I strayed I always knew God was there and many times made decisions not to participate in certain activities because morally I knew they were wrong and would not be  pleasing to God. I always went back to what I knew, and what my mother taught me.

After perusing “God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional” written by Sheila Walsh I am excited to begin teaching Addison the importance of God’s love and how gracious He is to us daily, even when we continually fall short.

God's Little Princess Devotional

God's Little Princess Devotional

Addison is at the age now where she can start understanding about God and building a relationship with Him for herself. We have been reading a page a night and with nearly 100 devotions, prayers and activities we have many nights of learning ahead of us.

God's Little Princess Devotional

Each page comes with a selection and scripture on the left with a “Good-Night Giggles and Grace” page on the right. The “Good-Night Giggles and Grace” are fun experiments used to help your Princess grasp the concept and scripture from the left page.

God's Little Princess Devotional

For girls who may be experiencing social issues or have specific questions the back of the book is equipped with an index outlining some of the issues our children are facing today and offers a scripture to help them better understand what God’s word says about such things.

God's Little Princess Devotional

I am a huge fan of this book. The illustrations are amazing and as minute as this may seem to some I was pleased that many ethnicities of children were included. This is a great way to start off the new year and starting building a foundation of faith for little girls.

God's Little Princess Devotional

Do you have a bedtime routine with your children? What does it look like? How do you teach your children about God?

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Who’s Bad? Your Parenting or The Child

September 17, 2013

There has always been a debate going on regarding whether or not children should be referred to as “bad.” Let some folks tell there is no such thing as a bad child, I am here to say different. I’ve seen “busy” and I’ve seen “bad” and there is truly a difference.

A few weeks ago after getting an update on our children’s behavior in school and having both children get the same report (good by the way, #youcare) my husband and I had a discussion on what is the make up of well behaved children. Genetics, home training, or a combination of both. Then ironically a few days later a friend of mine and I had the same discussion after she brought up the topic.

Anne Frank quote

Continue Reading…

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Adventure to Fitness Makes Exercise Fun for Children

August 9, 2013
Adventure to Fitness


To be quite honest with you I have major issues with overweight children. While keeping in mind there are many uncontrollable circumstances that would allow a child to be overweight, there are some that are a result of parental choices. The latter is the one I take issue with.

I know as parents we are busy and I have been just as guilty of grabbing something unhealthy while on the go to feed whining, hungry children but I really try to keep those moments to a minimum and instead prepare healthy snacks that can hold them over until I can get them a good meal.

Adventure to Fitness

As parents we can find it hard to make time for exercise and healthy activity, and as a result sometimes our children suffer and also adopt a sedentary lifestyle. Today we are going to look at Adventure to Fitness and the strides they are taking to get children moving in a fun and engaging way through interactive episodes that merge physical activity  with learning based lessons in math, science, social studies, and language arts.

While watching an Adventure to Fitness video, children are asked to constantly keep moving in an effort to keep up with the adventure they are watching. Upon completion of a video, the child would have been active for 30 minutes and learned lessons based on the video. Here is a sneak peek at Colonial Chaos. This particular video teaches about Colonial America and some of the happenings during that time.

In addition the site also provides educational resources for parents to help parents make healthy choices for their children. Adventure to fitness is the first program of its kind to get kids moving, learning and having fun!

Adventure to Fitness offers a variety of options that allow parents/teachers to stream videos monthly through their Basic, Value and Premium plans. Plans start as low as $9.99/month with access to five videos. To learn more about the subscription plans visit the Adventure to Fitness store where you can learn about streaming, purchasing DVDs as well as merchandise.

Adventure to Fitness is a viable option to start kids on an exercise regimen. My children loved the videos and the baby has even requested to play the “jumping” game. I had planned to grab a video of her playing but with the move and all I just didn’t get time. Whether our children exercise voluntarily or if the thought of exercise calls for pulling a Mommy mind game it is so important to get our children to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle very early on in life.

If you would like more information on Adventure to Fitness please visit them at their virtual homes on Twitter, Facebook, PinterestYoutube,  and online to stay in the loop on this innovative product sure to get your children moving and having fun