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The Do it All/Have it All Mom Struggle

July 10, 2013
Tia and Tamera Mowry

*Today’s post is sponsored by The Style Network*

If I had a penny, or even half of a penny for every post that I’ve encountered on the blogosphere talking about how Moms and women in general feel about juggling everything from families and careers to being a SAHM and finding time for oneself I would be a rich lady. Very rich.

We see the balancing act daily in our real lives and even on television. Tia and Tamera on The Style Network epitomizes the struggle of trying to be a Mom while juggling career and entrepreneurship dreams. Tia and Tamera are back for season 3 on The Style Network and from the looks of it they are all about finding balance. Take a peek at a clip for the upcoming season! The new season debuts on Sunday, July 14 at 8/7C on Style.

Tia and Tamera Mowry

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When it comes to finding balance my opinion of having it all is quite different and I suppose it is attributed to the fact that I’ve worked, and wanted this amazing career and hit the glass ceiling very early on. Hit my head so hard forget climbing back down the ladder I just fell from the top rung and was left splatted  and laid out cold on the floor. I woke up dazed and confused wondering why I was at the bottom when it took so long to get to the top and I had sacrificed time with my family and most importantly my happiness.

When I finally peeled myself off of the linoleum I got up with the help of some smelling salts and went soul searching and I found that indeed while there are things that I want, there are external factors that I can’t control. When I realized I could only control my reactions to those factors I became a very happy person. I choose to see the good in everything and everybody until I am proven wrong. I set goals and I plan out the road maps to get to them  as reasonably as I can.

See I think people struggle with this because they are trying to go against the grain of what is natural. What is natural is different for everybody but for ME I’ve learned the needs of my family trump everything and I live my life accordingly. I’m not always the best mother and wife but at this point in my life having it all is making sure they are happy, and second comes growing a successful career working from home. My priorities are as such and in that order. When I feel stressed I go back to what’s most important and I work everything else around that.

Finding balance hasn’t been easy and from day to day I feel like I’m dangling over the Grand Canyon by my puny arms but I start over fresh daily. Looking at what I did right and what I did wrong and moving forward. I demand certain things when it comes to making time for myself and I will act a fool if folks don’t cooperate so they know first hand about happy Mommy/Wife makes for a happy life.

If I had to offer any suggestions on “finding balance” I would say from experience:

  • Make self care a priority, make time for yourself.
  • If you don’t feel like doing it. Don’t do it. If folks won’t starve, be dirty, or hurt themselves it can wait.
  • Give it your best, that is all you can do.
  • Don’t let other people’s goals drive you.

Are you a fan of Tia and Tamera? How do you find balance? Or are you all like what balance?!

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You Have What it Takes

December 19, 2012

At the end of the year I think it is pretty safe to say that people find themselves in a place of retrospect thinking over the past year. Pondering their failures, rejoicing for their successes and plotting on what’s to come. I am no different and although I can truly say I am proud of the things I accomplished in 2012 there were still some mistakes that I made that came attached to some valuable lessons.

This year I faced my fears and launched my business Divinitee. It was a long time coming and it felt so good to finally succeed and have the support of so many of you and others behind me. On the back end I learned a lot about business, people and myself. I know many of you may be pondering starting your own business in the new year so I thought I might share some of the mistakes that I made. This blog is about my life, but I also hope you see it as an uplifting, and useful tool. If I can stop someone from making the same mistakes I’m all for it. Sharing is caring!!

Source: via Mimi on Pinterest

1. Be selective about who you go in business with: Remember my blog post about Separation Anxiety. Without airing all of my dirty laundry, said person was also my business partner. I went into the venture thinking that I was insufficient to run it on my own. I was afraid and I let that fear convince me that I couldn’t succeed on my own when indeed I could have. As a result, my business credit has been ruined and financially my business is bankrupt. I will come back, I don’t know how but I will.

Moral: of the story is believe in yourself. If it’s not absolutely necessary to include someone on the payroll then don’t.

2. Utilize Your Network: To piggyback off #1, some of the things I brought on another person to do I could’ve essentially pulled on and bartered with my network to get those things done without having to answer to another person regarding my vision. If you have surrounded yourself with genuinely helpful people you will find that you have most of what you need. For the things you can’t manage within your network pay a professional to do it. Keep in mind you get what you pay for, sometimes its better to pay someone well up front, rather than having to pay someone to fix another persons mess.

Moral: Before you share your business or get discouraged about not having the money to do something consult your network. You will be surprised.

3. Do a SWOT Analysis of Yourself: For those not familiar SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Look deeply at yourself and your capabilities. Although you may feel you don’t have the time to do the Social Media aspect of your business but you are good at it, you need to make the time. My good friend Erika shared with me something that rings true in my head…”Either you have time or you have money.” If you have no money then you need to make the time to do the tedious tasks required to keep your profits in your pocket and allow your business the time and space to grow.

Moral: Make the sacrifices. That may mean no sleep. I’ve heard toothpicks will hold your eyelids open very well at work!! The sacrifices are nothing compared to the joy of success.

4. Don’t  Sweat the Small Stuff: Starting a business requires so many minute details and processes on the back end from business licensing to business card design. Don’t let those small things stop you from working toward the bigger goal. I am the kind of person that feels like everything has to go in order and when I don’t have the money or the resources to make one thing happen I let it halt the entire process. Don’t be like ya girl. Still get clients, keep making your product, keep working under the table while you’re getting those other things in place. Otherwise the small things will discourage you from your ultimate goal.

Moral: Keep moving and if you have to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!!

5. Have Fun: Starting and running a business can quickly turn your passion into a headache. Keep in mind why you are doing what you are doing and if at any point you feel unfulfilled reassess whether or not you really want to continue. At this time I am no longer passionate about Divinitee. I don’t know if it’s the situation or if I choose not to run a business that requires so many moving parts. I am not throwing in the towel yet but I am reassessing. In the meantime I will leave the website up while I figure out my next steps and processes.

Moral: Sometimes we think we want things until we get in the throes of it. It’s okay to fold but think about why you are throwing in the towel. If its fear keep going, if it’s lack of passion take a minute to think before making a huge move.

Are you pondering starting a business in the new year? Are you a business owner, do you have any additional tips to add?


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This and That Thursday

October 18, 2012

Here’s some randoms..

Okay. Addison has turned into this diva child over night. I don’t know where it came from but I am daily finding myself trying to mask laughter while attempting to scold her for some of her ridiculous and mean behavior. Lately all of the pictures I have been taking of her look like this…I wonder where she gets it from

 My son is doing really well in school. He is  reading on a 5th grade level. I went and visited a private school that is not far from our new house. I fell in love with it. Although we don’t know how we will pay for it, we are going to let him test in and figure it out later…Faith anyone?

I am finally coming to grips with the fact that a new Divinitee line will have to be put off until the Spring. I just can’t make the money appear and with the astronomical amount of money that we have to come up with for the new house right now I don’t see it…I am finally fine with that.

I am getting a lot of new opportunities for this here blog.  I am turning down some things but you will start to see a few more giveaways and sponsored posts. If I am presented something that I am interested in or is child centric I am going to bring it here with the thought that you might be interested in it as well. NOPE this will not become a giveaway/review blog, but what kind of cyber home girl would I be if I didn’t share good and useful information/products with you?!!

I am on the hunt for a pair of printed leggings. Preferably a pair that make me look “thick.”

One of our cars will be paid off next month!!! OMG, I talked all that mess about driving it until the wheels fall off and saving up half of the money for our next car purchase and now I can’t wait until we close on the house so I can get a new car…I know.

I am back to my old ways. I was doing good and then last week alone I bought a whopping 12 bottles of nail polish…and the cycle starts again. Every time I go in the store I have to buy a new bottle. Since I am so passionate about nail polish be on the look out Mondays for my link up where you can come and show off your newest manicure. Be ready on Monday okay?!

The baby is sick with a runny nose and a cough. We were up all last night and guess what…I feel the tingle in my throat. :-/

What’s been going on in your world?