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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday

May 22, 2013

History often repeats itself. Sometimes repetition is good, sometimes its bad and sometimes it gives us comfort. Our trip to the strawberry patch last week was for comfort. I did good with Mother’s Day this year and I think part of it was due to the fact that it was also my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Coming to a place where I can embrace the circle of life as well as being at a happy place in my life made memories sufficient  this year.



One of the memories that always sticks out to me is the yearly tradition of picking strawberries. Every year my mother and I would head to the strawberry patch with my aunt and cousin in tow. We would spend the day there and she would come home and carefully wash the strawberries, while simultaneously boiling her Ball jars for canning. It was a process that I don’t fully remember but I just remember her, and us doing it together.



A few weeks before my mother died she took my son to the strawberry patch. I was too busy to go, had I known….



I thought no better tribute than to take my daughter on her first trip. Hoping she will have these memories of me when I’m gone. We had a great time and I left determined more than ever to start creating traditions of our own. Ones that will give my children sweet memories of me when I’m gone.



What are some family traditions that you keep going?


4 Years Gone

July 27, 2012

On this day 4 years ago I got THE call.

The one no one wants.

The house phone first and when we didn’t answer, the cell phone followed. I knew without answering..Mommy was gone.

One day I’ll tell the whole story, just not today.

While my mother left me here 4 years ago, she only left me physically but I am so thankful for the memories.

Today I choose to smile through my tears. I was looking through some photos and thought I would share. My mama was one bad Mamajama!!

Say a prayer for me today..and the next few days. To add insult to injury her birthday is next Saturday the 4th. Hallelujah for BlogHer for diversion but I am still a little broken.

Love y’all!!!!

Purveyor of the *side eye* early

That's her in the middle

Owwwww!!!! My mama and daddy!!

Grandpa and Mommy

She's in the black dress. THAT HAIR!!

2005 pregnant with my son

So proud she was able to see me have my first child

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An Heirloom in the Making?

December 14, 2011

My mother has been gone a little over 3 years and I am just finding the strength to go through her things. As I was going through some of her old clothing I came across this.




It is in impeccable shape and I thought it would be nice to wear it this winter. I’m a little on the fence as to whether I should wear it or just put it away. If wearing it becomes my final decision I do think it’s a little big but I thought maybe I could have it altered to fit a little better and maybe make it shorter to hit around mid thigh.

Wear it or put it away? If I wear it, is it fine as is or should I have the alterations done?


Tears on the Keyboard

July 27, 2011

On this day three years ago, my mom left her place here on earth for her final resting place. There were so many words I really wanted to say in this post but I can’t type them for the tears. I think this song sums it up so well. If your mother is still here, love her the best you can..some of us aren’t so lucky.


I’ll Alway Love My Mama…Happy Mother’s Day!!!

May 8, 2011

I want to wish all of you who read and are mothers a Happy Mother’s Day..yes that includes fur babies!

This day is always one of mixed emotions for me. I am filled with joy at being a mother myself but also filled with sadness as I am reminded that my mother is no longer here in the flesh with me. I think I have cried enough this past week. On this day I celebrate motherhood. I celebrate my mother for all of the sacrifices that she made to ensure that I grew up to be an upstanding woman and mother. She was all types of wonderful..and if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree what does that say about me?!!

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Holiday Recap and Randomness

December 27, 2010

Hope everyone’s holiday was great. Ours went well and I can honestly say I am glad it is over and I am looking forward to making some big things happen in 2011. I stuck to my guns and kept the gifts for the children minimal and who would know they didn’t even notice the difference, and our pockets are all the more thankful for it.

In true “me” fashion, I waited until Christmas Eve to do the majority of my shopping. Foolish yes, but I got some great deals and managed to get my husband and mother in law taken care of at about oh 5:30 or so (mall closed at 6). The adrenaline, the rush…can’t beat it, I work best under pressure. While wrapping presents, I had a mini meltdown. I knew the tears would come for my mother, I just didn’t know when. They came, I cried, I wiped my tears and kept going. She’s proud..I have to believe that.

Lil Mama enjoyed her first Christmas and who would’ve known that her very first one would be historic . For those not aware, the monster northeastern winter storm started down here in the good ‘ole south and Atlanta got a sizable dusting of snow giving us a White Christmas.

Interest was short lived..shortly after this was taken I found her playing with the scrap pieces of wrapping paper


I think I fought with the kids over the Wii more than they fought with each other and I feel like I’ve been in a physical fight. Sore is the operative word! We spent the evening at my uncle’s house and we all played the Just Dance game. OMG, halfway through Proud Mary, I thought I was going to collapse. I promise to entertain you with a video of me doing it once I get my own copy of the game..somebody remind me!

Moving on…

So basically we went from Christmas to Valentines Day. Retailers sure know they can overkill. You would  think we could at least get our Christmas trees down, ornaments packed away, and pay a credit card bill from Christmas before seeing a sea of red hearts and Cupids. Seriously. I guess the name of the game is while everyone is still in the buying mood might as well push that box of chocolates that will hang out in the closet for the next month and a half. Sheesh!!

Speaking of moving on…

So sad, the R&B world lost a phenomenal singer. Teena Marie was an extraordinary singer who crossed color lines with her soulful voice. I never saw her as a “white”singer, I saw her as a woman that was one of the best that ever did it. My mother was a huge fan of hers and hearing of her untimely death brought back memories of me as a child sitting around watching my mother put the needle to Teena’s records..yes, I said records! I know if my mother was here she would be saddened to hear of her death. So in memory of Teena and my mother, here is Portugese Lover..My Mama’s favorite “cut”!!

How was your holidays?

Have a great week!!