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The Hypocritical Football Mom

July 18, 2013
Football Mom

Parenting is just down right difficult at times. Second guessing yourself wondering if the decisions you make will hinder them or  will they feel some kind of way about you when they grow up. The whole process feels like a shot in the dark at times.

Last year my husband and I made the decision to not force my son to play football when he brought it to our attention that he didn’t want to play. I even wrote a post about the whole dilemma that got featured on BlogHer and I was heralded for being a great mother for standing by my son’s decision. At the time we wanted to allow him the space to voice his desires knowing that we would stand behind and support him.

Football Mom

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P.S. from Aeropostale Shopping Haul

October 30, 2012

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to host an event at P.S. for Aeropostale. This store is a version of Aeropostale that is geared toward elementary school aged children. I often frequent the store to purchase clothing for my son and when I was in there for the event I noticed that sizing starts at a 4 which means I can now shop there for both of my babies….which also means my sweet baby is growing up *weeps*

I am a fan of the brand because the clothing is fun, colorful, age appropriate and washes and maintains very well…not to mention the clothing is extremely well priced.

Such stylish clothing for boys

A few Atlanta bloggers joined me shopping. How pretty are they?

Tiffini, Kymberly and Erika

From now until Nov. 11, 2012 the brand has been so kind to offer an exclusive 20% discount that can be used online and in stores for your shopping pleasure. This discount coupled with the already reasonable prices….Christmas presents anyone?!!!

Print or use online until 11/11

Want to see what I got? Check out the video. Hard to believe I got all of these things for under $100!!

I was provided compensation regarding this post. However, all opinions are solely mine...but you already knew this!!
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This and That Thursday

October 18, 2012

Here’s some randoms..

Okay. Addison has turned into this diva child over night. I don’t know where it came from but I am daily finding myself trying to mask laughter while attempting to scold her for some of her ridiculous and mean behavior. Lately all of the pictures I have been taking of her look like this…I wonder where she gets it from

 My son is doing really well in school. He is  reading on a 5th grade level. I went and visited a private school that is not far from our new house. I fell in love with it. Although we don’t know how we will pay for it, we are going to let him test in and figure it out later…Faith anyone?

I am finally coming to grips with the fact that a new Divinitee line will have to be put off until the Spring. I just can’t make the money appear and with the astronomical amount of money that we have to come up with for the new house right now I don’t see it…I am finally fine with that.

I am getting a lot of new opportunities for this here blog.  I am turning down some things but you will start to see a few more giveaways and sponsored posts. If I am presented something that I am interested in or is child centric I am going to bring it here with the thought that you might be interested in it as well. NOPE this will not become a giveaway/review blog, but what kind of cyber home girl would I be if I didn’t share good and useful information/products with you?!!

I am on the hunt for a pair of printed leggings. Preferably a pair that make me look “thick.”

One of our cars will be paid off next month!!! OMG, I talked all that mess about driving it until the wheels fall off and saving up half of the money for our next car purchase and now I can’t wait until we close on the house so I can get a new car…I know.

I am back to my old ways. I was doing good and then last week alone I bought a whopping 12 bottles of nail polish…and the cycle starts again. Every time I go in the store I have to buy a new bottle. Since I am so passionate about nail polish be on the look out Mondays for my link up where you can come and show off your newest manicure. Be ready on Monday okay?!

The baby is sick with a runny nose and a cough. We were up all last night and guess what…I feel the tingle in my throat. :-/

What’s been going on in your world?




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Weekend Wrap Up

October 15, 2012

On Sunday my son turned 7. This weekend was spent partying at the pumpkin patch where my son and nearly 25 of his friends and their parents joined us in helping him celebrate in a big way.

Thanks to Trina and Kita for coming out!

Addison even had some of her homegirls come out to party

Hayride and corn know obligatory pumpkin patch activities


Here is their photo from last year. They grow so fast *weeps*

How was your weekend?