Happy Monday!

This weekend was rather busy. A sick child derailed my plans to complete a service project for Habitat for Humanity with my Sorors on Monday. Poor thing, he got struck with the infamous stomach virus that has made its way around. I thought we were in the clear but apparently not.

Friday evening my SIL came in town with her besties to look for a wedding dress. They ventured down to Bridals by Lori as in “Say Yes to the Dress.” Unfortunately I was unable to attend because I had already committed to helping out with a fundraiser my chapter was having for our Debutantes. She found her dress and it is GORGEOUS and I had a great time with my line sisters.

Dream Pearls

Saturday evening I was scheduled to attend some events but my husband needed to use the car and I was just plain tired. At some point everyone laid down for a nap and I awoke while they were still sleeping. I used that very RARE and precious time to spend some time alone comfy on my couch watching a Cosby Show Marathon. Sometimes it truly is the small things. It only lasted about 2 hours but it felt like an eternity.


Sunday, I woke up early and placed some dinner in the crock pot. My SIL and her besties were headed out again to find bridesmaids dresses. My SIL is one of those people that managed to master the makeup videos on YouTube and while she was “beating” her own face I asked for a slight “beat” and she obliged.


My Chapter was hosting a Sisterly Relations activity at No Mas Cantina, a local Mexican restaurant downtown for some fellowship and food. After I was all made up I headed out to No Mas. I looooooove my Line Sisters. WE take advantage of all opportunities to take photos!

Dream Pearls


Sunday evening, I made it home and relaxed, and had movie night in the theater with my SIL and her friends. Finally watched The Butler. What an awesome movie.

So, that was my weekend. Did you make Monday a “day off” or a “day on?” How was your weekend? Has that nasty virus found its way to your house?


I shall be a little in my feelings today. No pretty pictures just an emotion and epiphany that came over me last week about allowing people into your space read opening and closing the doors to your peace of mind.

With much anxiety I made the decision to shut some people out of my life. Closing the doors on these friendships didn’t come from a place of malice but rather a need to be able to grow as I needed without snide comments or constantly feeling the need to explain my personal goals. At the time I needed people to “get it” I needed them to “get me” and unfortunately some people didn’t meet the challenge and as hard as it was I had to let go.

Closed doors 1


In my letting go, I found myself in the company of magnificent women from the interwebs and real life who got it. They fed my need to continuously grow and thrive and strive for better. They understood that it’s truly not cool to be in the same place, doing the same things you did in your 20s that don’t contribute to long term financial, physical and spiritual sustainability.

As I find myself in a good space now. A space that needs no confirmation or support from anyone I contemplated reopening a few doors because I have a forgiving heart and the desire to love those in open who I have known for many years. These thoughts crossed my mind for a few days. I even wrestled with them. One day last week someone reached out to me. A person I don’t know and shared some information with me about a door I was going to attempt to reopen. Whether the information she shared with me was true or not, it was enough to bring that situation back to light (in my truth)  and let me know that at times it is okay to truly move forward and love people from a distance.


Closed doors 2


As sad as it is, I am having these weird feelings of letting go again. The result this time since I’ve gotten myself and my circle together? I’ve found that it is quite okay to shut SOME doors, LEAVE them shut and even add a storm/burglar door to which I have no key.


Have you reopened closed doors? How did that work for YOU? Do you believe in forgiving and forgetting and trusting again?