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Who Wants a Clean House? Free Home Cleaning + Giveawy

October 14, 2014

Cleaning my kitchen is indeed a complete waste of time for me. Complete. I’m sure the longest time that it manages to stay clean is when we are sleep. Once our feet hit the ground it’s a wrap. I used to think the saying the kitchen is the heart of the home was a cliche until we moved into this house where it seems that the kitchen is the gateway to all activities and the drop off point for needless clutter.
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2015 Ikea Catalog + $100 Giveaway

August 2, 2014

I sweat the release of new Ikea catalogs like I can’t really get in my car and drive 25 miles and see the real thing in the store. Something about the catalog in all of its shiny splendor gets my creative juices flowing. I fold pages down, I pretty much study it…..then get in the store and forget what I came for. Remind me to tell you that story

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