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God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional

January 7, 2014


Faith is a huge part of my life as many of you already know. I was raised in the church, my mother starting teaching me at a very young age about God. Like many others as a young adult I strayed away from the church in search of fun and foolery. No matter how far I strayed I always knew God was there and many times made decisions not to participate in certain activities because morally I knew they were wrong and would not be  pleasing to God. I always went back to what I knew, and what my mother taught me.

After perusing “God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional” written by Sheila Walsh I am excited to begin teaching Addison the importance of God’s love and how gracious He is to us daily, even when we continually fall short.

God's Little Princess Devotional

God's Little Princess Devotional

Addison is at the age now where she can start understanding about God and building a relationship with Him for herself. We have been reading a page a night and with nearly 100 devotions, prayers and activities we have many nights of learning ahead of us.

God's Little Princess Devotional

Each page comes with a selection and scripture on the left with a “Good-Night Giggles and Grace” page on the right. The “Good-Night Giggles and Grace” are fun experiments used to help your Princess grasp the concept and scripture from the left page.

God's Little Princess Devotional

For girls who may be experiencing social issues or have specific questions the back of the book is equipped with an index outlining some of the issues our children are facing today and offers a scripture to help them better understand what God’s word says about such things.

God's Little Princess Devotional

I am a huge fan of this book. The illustrations are amazing and as minute as this may seem to some I was pleased that many ethnicities of children were included. This is a great way to start off the new year and starting building a foundation of faith for little girls.

God's Little Princess Devotional

Do you have a bedtime routine with your children? What does it look like? How do you teach your children about God?

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2013 Was Epic

December 31, 2013

This time last year my mind was in a whirlwind. I knew going into 2013 there were two major hurdles ahead of me/us. Number 1 was moving and 2. was becoming an AKA. Both were up in the air and I had no idea how or if either would happen.

My level of faith in 2013 was like no other. We started building a house that we didn’t end up moving in because God blessed us with THE HOUSE that had everything that we needed AND wanted after looking at 1,687,467 houses that didn’t work.


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November 9, 2013

Lately I’ve been finding myself riding in the car without the radio playing. I’ll be far entrenched in my thoughts before I realize that I am riding in silence and at that point I choose to let my thoughts supercede the noise of the radio.

As I was riding alone today in silence it hit me how extremely blessed I am. While my life isn’t perfect, I have finally reached a point in my life where I want for nothing and that statement has absolutely nothing to do with material things. I briefly flashed back to very hard times in my life when I was pretty sure that God had left me dangling but I held on to my faith because that was my only connection to something good when everything around me seemed to be going wrong.

I’ve told some of my story here,  you think you know but you have NO idea. If God can bring me from a place of sorrow and darkness into a place of abundance and light He can do the same for you.

I’m in my feelings this evening. Can’t you tell! Keep trusting. He is faithful….If anybody knows, I know. Just make sure you are giving Him something to work with!



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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday….What a Mum Taught Me

September 18, 2013
Bronze Mum

Last week I confessed to being obsessed with my new mum. Within the past week I have started to see some growth and it has been pretty exciting. The day before yesterday I looked at the plant perched below the window on my sink and noticed that the leaves were drooping. I immediately felt the top layer of dirt and although it wasn’t parched I figured it might need some water so I poured some in and set out to do something else. Within about 20 minutes I looked at it again and noticed the leaves were back in an upright position.

Bronze Mum

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Randoms…Moving Edition

August 9, 2013

Happy Friday!

I’ve been MIA for good reason. We finally closed on our new house, packed up our old house, moved and closed on our old house. So much testimony service in those processes that I will be back to tell the stories in depth. However, for now that’s all I have for you.


Out of the gate we have some major superficial issues with the house. The house got a gleaming rating during its inspection, so I’m keeping my sanity holding on to that. The issues we are facing are interior… I know.

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Building the House Episode 10

March 14, 2013
March 14 front blog

There are so many things I need to say about this process from the beginning to this point that it is all jumbled in my head. If nothing else comes across, I want this journey to show people that God is truly real and just a mustard seed is all you need in whatever difficulties and obstacles you face in life. I had a discussion with a friend of mine about how people think you are bragging when you share your accomplishments and things that happen in your life.  While I am not saying that some people really are braggers by nature some of us are just trying to show the goodness of God.

From reading blogs I’ve seen people go from infertility to motherhood. From negative to positive thinking. Career changes, moves and just overall self improvement. I never look at these things as bragging but rather I think to myself if God did that for them, He can surely meet MY needs. Those are shows of God’s grace to me, confirmation for me at times comes through other people’s success and I hope my blog does that for someone.

*steps off the pulpit* Whilst the collection plate is being passed around let’s get on with the update.

Soooo, there was drama a few weeks ago. I got a call that our short sale process hit a brick wall and that we would need to go back through the original process that yielded an unfavorable result a few months back. Then the next day I got a call that one of the very first homes built in the community did not appraise and there was a possibility that we may not be able to build our home as it is currently showing on paper regarding upgrades etc. I just cried.

I cried because I was overwhelmed, I cried because I am tired of the unknown, I cried because I was mentally, and physically tired at that point. I woke up the next morning, prayed and told God that I believed in His path and that was our house until someone else put their curtains up in the window….and I truly believe that!!

Went about gathering the additional documents needed and a few days later got a call from a very nice lady at BOA who was assigned to be our new liaison through the process. When I say overly helpful and understanding, she is amazing, compared to the rude and condescending one we had before. She informed me that since we already had the majority of the paperwork in she could expedite some of the process, and she has. I took that small improvement as a sign. I said thank you out loud. The next day our contact at the builder called and informed us that they are doing pre-appraisals to make sure the house will appraise before making any decisions on whether or not changes need to be done. She informed me that at this point we are fine to move forward as written.

In the meantime nearly all of the houses around us are being built. Like completely framed while our lot was still just a mound of dirt, no explanation either. No one could tell me why the delay. The other day I started to go ham but I said God you know the timing and it is always perfect, increase my patience, it will all come together at the end.

I went by this morning and was not expecting to see anything so I left Candace (that’s my camera) at home but was surprised to see this.

march 14 collage blog

March 14 front blog

March 14 b

How can I say I am trusting God and not start packing this place up…