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Great Date Deals – CupDate

May 14, 2013
*I was provided a complimentary date through Great Date Deals. All opinions are my own…you already know*

Great Date Deals

A few weeks ago the Mr. and I stepped out for a much needed date night courtesy of Great Date Deals. Great Date Deals is an awesome website that does the hard work for you when it comes to selecting activities that you can do as a date. Great Date Deals offers deals for a number of major cities outside of Atlanta so make sure to check and see if yours is listed. I won’t lie, a part of the reason why we don’t get out as much as we should is because by the time we go around and around about what to do and where to eat while keeping our budget in mind we just end up staying at the house…true story.

The website listings are powered through Groupon so when you click to purchase the deal you are taken to the Groupon interface. Basically like I said they have done the hard part for you, so now there is no excuse for you to not hit the town with your honey.

The Cup Cupdate.

Mr. and Mrs.

For our date we headed out to The Cup – A Gourmet Cupcake Cafe located here in Atlanta. The location holds couples events that consist of lite fare and drinks, couple inspired games and cupcake decorating. Yes, I said cupcake decorating where you indeed get to eat lots of cupcakes.

The Cup

Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake Decorating

If you ever find yourself stumped on what to do for a date night or even a night out with the homies visit Great Date Deals Online or on Facebook.

When was the last time you went on a date? Where did you go?


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Weekend Wrap Up

December 17, 2012

I think it goes without saying that I am totally heartbroken, disgusted, and fearful regarding the shooting and the senseless murders of all those who lost their lives in Newtown, CT. The entire weekend I was in my feelings about how much control we really don’t have when it comes to the safety of our children when they are out of our sight. Hell, the reality is we really have little control at all. Someone can break into our homes or ambush us in the mall or theater or ram into our car at a stoplight. This has really shown me that every moment spent with our loved ones is so precious and should be treated as such because we truly never know.

I’ve cried about this, I’ve pondered, I’ve hugged my children and my husband a little tighter this past weekend. My conclusion is that the only real defense I have for keeping my family and loved ones safe is to pray and believe that God will protect them daily.

As far as my weekend shenanigans go, I stayed pretty low key this weekend.

Friday evening, I volunteered my time with the Pajama Program and when my obligation there was completed I skipped over to a party sponsored by Just Fab that was hosted by Danielle, Eboni and Trina.

Just Fab Holiday Event

top: Dee Dee, Dominique, Danielle bottom: Yours Truly, Breck

Saturday I spent the majority of the day under my covers thinking about those poor babies and their families. My husband was so kind as to take the children out with him while he ran some errands. I napped  and when he came back solo because the children wanted to stay with my inlaws we went out to dinner and off to Walmart to finish up our Christmas shopping…what an impromptu date night.


Two bikes and a Doc McStuffins Doctor bag…How romantic!!

The “sickies” have been passed around so much around here I’ve lost count. So let’s just say my son was out of school two days last week and now the baby is sick again. Sunday I was busy trying to nurse her back to health. I did manage to get out and do some grocery shopping and visit Ulta for some Christmas gifts.

That’s all folks. How was your weekend…considering?

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Cirque du Soleil TOTEM

November 3, 2012

For quite some time I have had a yearning to go and see Cirque du Soleil. The acrobatics, the colors, the action just puts me in the mind set of it being a special circus just for adults. Yearly I pass the huge tent set up beside one of Atlanta’s major highways and I always say to myself we are going to go this year and we never make it.

Well if anyone cares I am extremely happy to announce that the Mr. and I are looking forward to a much needed date night on November 16 to go and see Cirque du Soleil TOTEM and I am stoked! The production will be in Atlanta from October 26- December 30. With shows following in Miami, New York and Philadelphia in 2013.

Photos by: Pouya Dianat/Cirque du Soleil

Looking at a traveling production such as this, I find it hard to imagine how all of the pieces work together. In case you were a little curious like me, here are a few fun tidbits of information to know about Cirque du Soleil and its travels.

Cast and Crew:

• The cast of TOTEM comprises 53 artists from 18 countries

• The crew is composed of 13 employees in the ARTISTIC SUPPORT team, 10 in PUBLIC SERVICES, 15 in TOUR SERVICES and 35 employees in the TECHNICAL department. The employees represent 10 countries

• There are 120 touring employees with 50 official accompanying members (spouses and family). So a total of 170 on the road!

• A total of 23 children are on tour between the ages of 6 months and 17 years old. Currently, the youngest tour member is 6 months and the eldest is 61!

• The tour relies on local suppliers for many essentials such as food, bio-diesel fuel, dry ice, machinery, food & beverages for patrons, banks, delivery services, recycling, and waste management—thereby injecting significant money into the local economy.

• During an engagement in a city, over 150 people are hired in each market for a variety of jobs, including ushers, box office ticket sellers, corporate hospitality hosts, food and beverage attendants. We also employ over 100 local laborers to assist with the site set-up and tear down.

• The school on-site has three full-time teachers and seven student

I’m sure there are good times for the children that get to travel with the show. I think that is pretty awesome.

Have you ever seen a production of Cirque du Soleil? I’ll be sure to post a review of our experience. I am sure hoping it lives up to my expectations!

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In the New Year {Home Edition}

December 19, 2011

No Weekend Wrap Up this week. Nothing spectacular. The Mr. and I went out on a double duty date night on Friday. A good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday so we joined her and her husband and some friends for drinks and a night out on the town. Had my camera, took no photos. Sorry.

Saturday went grocery shopping and slept. Sunday drove to pick up my stepdaughter and slept and watched Real Housewives of Atlanta. While I was going about my business this weekend my mind was constantly thinking about the changes that I would like to see once the new year starts.

I am not one to jump on the whole New Years Resolution bandwagon but I have a few changes planned to commence once the apple drops.

Although approved, for financial reasons we have decided to stay in our current home for at least another year. With that epiphany I have decided our home is due for a makeover. I am currently in the throes of selecting a wall color for our master bedroom. The contenders are..

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer Lawler on Pinterest


I would also like to display photos in our home. I love shelving so I would like to use them as medium through which to display photos of our family and friends. Looooove these ideas.


Seing that I have a ton of things going on. I am only focusing on a few things at a time. These will be the first two things that we tackle. I would like to see the room painted before the new year. We’ll see.

Do you have any home improvement plans scheduled for the new year? I may or may not have been reading way too many home design and crafting blogs…Give me some of your favorites. By February this house will be on point!

How was your weekend?

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Weekend Wrap Up

November 1, 2011

This past weekend was rather busy. Friday night, Lil Mama and I spent the night at my bestie’s house to help her get things in order for my godson’s 2nd birthday party, which was carnival themed. It was the cutest party ever…See




Lil Mama enjoying one of the carnival themed games


...and when she was done, decided to take it with her



After the party was over, my SIL was also celebrating her birthday. My inlaws, another couple and the Mr. and I hit the town to help her party. We had dinner at Brio and then headed out to a local lounge to enjoy some dancing, drinks and music. If you follow me on Twitter you know I had a great time as evidenced by my tweets



..aaaand Here.

Fun times had by all. I am linking up with Monday Mingle with Glamamom. I wore:

IMG_8566 Sweater: Thrifted (Goodwill) Jeans & Belt: Papaya (teeny bopper store $6.99) Shoes: Steve Madden (Ross $29.99)


My booties up close and personal..I love Ross

How was your weekend?

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New Week..New Direction

March 21, 2011

*Blogged over at Mami 2 Mommy today. Make sure to stop by. Thanks to all of you who have been visiting  both places *

It’s Monday! How was your weekend?

Our weekend was busy, busy busy.

Friday night was a much needed date night. The Mr. and I headed over to the arena to watch the Hawks and the Heat play. The Mr. is an avid Miami Heat fan and the moment Lebron was moved to the Heat was the day he got the tickets. Game was great, not a basketball fan but seeing LeBron and Dwayne Wade made the night worthwhile. The Hawks got beat down, I was hoping they would as much as those tickets cost.

After the game we headed over to Silk for dinner and sushi with one of our favorite couples who also joined us at the game. Food was delish and then off to pick up the babies.



Saturday morning, Lil Man and I got an early start and headed out to see a pre-screening of the new movie Hop (I’ll review it later). Got a chance to see the lovely Shellie and the cutie pie stars of her blog H2 Whoa!, snacked on popcorn and drank soda (although I gave it up for lent). I enjoyed spending time alone with my son, I need to make that a priority now that Lil Mama is getting older.

Sunday, we headed out to a birthday party. There was a bounce house present. Enough said. Jumped himself silly. Love those parties where all of the besties are present in one place. Shot the breeze, caught up on everybody’s business and headed home after dragging him, kicking and screaming out of the bounce house.

*In other news*

In case you hadn’t noticed the expanded menu bar at the top. Its purpose stands to renovate my tiny “mommy” blog into a “mommy/lifestyle” blog. Don’t go unsubscribing. This will NEVER become a giveaway/review type blog. In an effort to branch out into the freelance writing world, I am looking to expand the type of writing that I do. You’ll see recipes, book reviews etc. Just something to expand the scope of this place a bit. It probably won’t be consistent knowing me…

What’s good in your world?!