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Fall Front Porch Inspirations

September 22, 2014

Here it is the first day of the fall and I’m still baffled at what the rest of my porch is going to look like. I kind of like the full…read junky look but I always have to over think everything so I’ve only picked up a few additional pieces.

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{Laundry Room Makeover} Wallpaper Lined Cabinet

June 30, 2014
Wall paper lined cabinet

It’s hard to believe that on July 31, we will have been in this house for a year. For those who have been reading for awhile, if you can recall the whole process really consumed me and I am again thankful for blogging as it provides the opportunity to go back and see areas of struggle and triumph. Oversharing has its privileges.

If you are new here, and want to be nosey feel free to go back and see what all of the drama was about. Click here.

Prior to moving in I had all of these grand ideas of changes I would be making immediately. People kept telling me live in the house a year before making any changes. Give yourself a chance to feel the house out, they said.

I brushed them off, nonsense. Clearly they weren’t looking at this

Laundry Room Makeover

I had grand plans of coming in here and getting to work. Wouldn’t you know a whole year has passed and not a piece of bedroom furniture, nor a kitchen table have been purchased. My intentions were real good but the reality is the majority of my grand ideas are still hanging from “pins” on the virtual corkboard that is Pinterest.

Welp, looks like I in advertently took their advice and I’m glad I did, but it is time to get to work tackling some of the smaller projects….like finishing the laundry room.

When I started on the laundry room one of my favorite people handed down a bit of wallpaper that she had left over from when she had her dining room done. It wasn’t a lot but enough to line the back of of the cabinet shelves. At the time I hadn’t started refinishing the cabinets so I wasn’t sure if it would get used. After deciding to go with the wallpaper lined cabinet in place of returning two of the doors it only took me six months to get the paper up. I’m glad I decided to leave them off.

Here is another before during the painting process:

2014-01-03 13.44.30

Here is the after.

Wall paper lined cabinet

Wall paper lined cabinet

Wall paper lined cabinet

After carefully measuring the space, and that wasn’t easy I applied Mod Podge to the back of the wall paper and applied to the cabinet making sure to wipe out any bubbles. That took a little effort but after I did the first one I was on a roll.

I am pleased. I still have to do a little more decorating to do to the shelves. I’ll be back with an update when I’m done.

I recently read something on a décor blog that stated in summary, our homes are ever evolving and the beauty comes in completing small projects and over time seeing the spaces become those that we love. I concur.

What do you think?

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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday – My Fall Wreath

October 2, 2013
Fall Wreath

I have a confession.

Deep down inside I love crafting. I’m not very good at it but I would like to start trying. I’ve been perusing Hobby Lobby far too often, now that it is only a few minutes from my house. You can only go in there so many times without getting the feeling that you can actually make something.

I finally decided I would try my hand at something and decided to make a wreath for my front door to jump start my fall porch decorations.

I started off with a wreath that was $6.99 and a roll of burlap that was $4.99 both from Hobby Lobby. I also purchased this metal hanging sign from Kohl’s that was half off and ended up costing $9.99

Fall Wreath

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DIY Straight Knot Necklace

July 30, 2013
DIY Necklace

Deep down inside I plan to explore my more crafty side whenever we move and I have the space to store craft items etc. You can probably look forward to more posts showing me DIYing some things and decorating when and if we ever move. To kick off that content portion on the blog I’ve invited Christie from Living Simplistically to share her awesome post on how to easily DIY a statement necklace. As we approach fall these could be great to give as gifts etc. Imagine these necklace in nice fall friendly colors. I’ll show you my version when I get done with it.

For now check out her tutorial on how to make this super cute necklace!

DIY Necklace

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Painting with Disney and Glidden

April 2, 2013
Disney Glidden Paint

With our impending move I am really excited to exercise my decorating skills. I will confess I’m not the best painter and add to that my indecisiveness and you have a recipe for disaster. Rooms in this house have been painted up to 5 times so I am happy to give this new line of paint a whirl in our current home to get a feel for it to hopefully avoid a case of the “re paints” in our new home.

Glidden has teamed up with Disney to create a new line of paint that includes 112 exclusive shades and 5 innovative specialty finishes that are affordable and available at your local Walmart. Of the 5,097,129 times that I have shopped for paint, well over half of those gallons were purchased at Walmart. I find their knowledge of paint to be comparable with some of the bigger home improvement chains not to mention the convenience since I spend a ton of time in Walmart. If you are interested in seeing if your Walmart carries this brand please visit where there is a store locator along with additional information regarding this line of paint.


In the best interest of children there are quite a few impressive qualities about this new line of paint to include:

  1. Low odor and no VOCs
  2. Ultra durable, and able to withstand wear and tear along with repeated scrubs and washes. Scuffs, crayon and pencil marks, finger prints and tough stains wash off without removing the magical color.
  3. Complementary color palette that easily matches Walmart’s Disney bedding and Disney room accessories, such as furniture, toys and décor options, sold in store or online.

One afternoon Addison and I headed out to our local Walmart  in search of paint colors and a specialty finish. I let her take a look over the swatches and gave her the chance to pick out her favorite colors. Maaaaan, she was worse than an adult.

Disney Glidden Paint

  • Disney Glidden Paint

Amongst the swatches were helpful pamphlets to give you decorating ideas and the tools you would need to execute illustrated designs.

Disney Glidden Paint

Disney Glidden Paint

 She was overly excited at all of the colors and I even used the process as a learning opportunity asking her to name the colors of the swatches that she liked.

Disney Glidden Paint

We finally decided on a shade of pink and the Ready, Set, Glow glow in the dark specialty finish, and headed over just two aisles where the Disney paint was shelved.

Disney Glidden Paint


Unfortunately they didn’t have the specialty finish available at my store, but my bloggy BFF Trina grabbed some for me from her Walmart.

Disney Glidden Ready Set Glow

Now to see the masterpiece that will unfold you will have to wait…..*insert semi evil glamfairy laugh*

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.

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Weekend WrapUp

December 10, 2012


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

This weekend was slightly busy but in a good, non stressful kind of way. A few weeks ago a couple of my girlfriends from college and I thought it would be a good idea to do a gift exchange and cookie party for our children. On Friday evening, we all gathered at the hostess’ house and helped the children make cookies, and ornaments. We then ate pizza and exchanged gifts. The entire time we were doing our festive activities I just kept thinking how did we go from passing out and holding each other up in the club to baking and making Christmas crafts with a whole bunch of kids…I know. God is able.


Saturday we took it easy and around 4 o’clock we drug ourselves out of the house to do some grocery shopping and get our Christmas tree. Get home, put the groceries up, and the children are so excited to decorate the tree. After searching high and low for the ornaments for at least 20 minutes I conveniently remembered that I threw them all away last year with the intent to buy all new ones. Please don’t judge me. To appease those babies I let them recklessly string lights on the tree until I can get to Walmart today to get some new ornaments. I said don’t judge!!!

Sunday was a busy day. The first stop was to a local tweet up with Motions haircare. The event was hosted by Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor and Lexi of Lexi With the Curls. We went around discussing our natural hair journeys, and exchanged tips on how to style our hair for the holidays. I got some great tips and some great products. More detailed post to come later in the week.


Left from the tweetup and headed over to Ammazza a new pizzeria here in Atlanta. There is a group of mothers here that go by Georgia Social Media Moms and the event here was our first Christmas Party. Everyone was welcome to bring their families but I went solo...cause I needed a minute to myself. The pizza was amazing, and the atmosphere was equally magnificent. I will definitely be headed back there with the family in tow. Unfortunately my camera and phone were dying by the time I got there so I don’t have many photos but the ambiance was amazing. If you are in Atlanta check them out.


For Sunday’s festivities I wore:

Shirt: Thrifted Jeans: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Shoes: Target Clearance $5.98!!!!!

Overall an awesome weekend. How was yours? Are your Christmas decorations up? Is your Christmas shopping done, almost done or are you still waiting on the spirit of Christmas present to move you?