School must be an extremely tiring place that renders little people famished. The moment my babies step in the place they are in my refrigerator and cupboards looking for something to eat. For this very reason I do my best to keep healthy snacks within reach for them.

GoGo squeeZ is one of the brands that I keep in stock. Not only are they perfect for after school snacks but they are also easy for me to grab and go and head out to the baseball field or wherever else our full schedule may take us.

GoGo squeeZ has added a new flavor to their roster. The children and I are loving the new blend of 5 different fruits in Gimme Five to include apple, mango, strawberry, peach and banana.

GoGo squeeZ Gimme Five

in case you didn’t know GoGo squeeZ is gluten free along with a whole host of other wholesome awesomeness.

GoGo squeeZ Gimme Five

Once they have gotten their tummies filled they commence with their usual afternoon foolishness. I just love them!!

GoGo squeeZ Gimme Five

GoGo squeeZ Gimme Five

What wholesome snacks do you feed your child(ren)? Are you a GoGo squeeZ fan? Do you eat your kids snacks? I do. Are you afraid of the looming Summer vacation grocery bill that will leave you without a house or a home? I am.


I was provided product to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine. You already know!

She’s just earning her keep. Train them early!


I was that kid that old folks talk about. You know the one where it is a darn shame that they weren’t made to do any chores or housecleaning. Just sitting around living and sucking up air. That was me.

My mother never made me clean, consistently at least. She would every now and then go “ham” about how I kept my room but as far as washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, sorting laundry etc. I was never made to do such. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know and she isn’t here for me to ask.

While it was lovely as a child I found it hard to adjust as a wife. I still struggle with some things. Things related to keeping a house that may come natural to others come as a post it note ( a la Being Mary Jane style) on my refrigerator, car etc. as a reminder that I have to do certain things.

I don’t want to cripple my children so they are being introduced early to the art of doing chores. My son has become quite efficient at cleaning the kitchen in the evenings and she is such a help when it comes to taking clothes out of the dryer and placing them in the basket.

What great lessons my children are learning. while doing the tasks that I don’t want to do.

Do you make your children do chores? At what age did they start?