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2013 Was Epic

December 31, 2013

This time last year my mind was in a whirlwind. I knew going into 2013 there were two major hurdles ahead of me/us. Number 1 was moving and 2. was becoming an AKA. Both were up in the air and I had no idea how or if either would happen.

My level of faith in 2013 was like no other. We started building a house that we didn’t end up moving in because God blessed us with THE HOUSE that had everything that we needed AND wanted after looking at 1,687,467 houses that didn’t work.


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Building the House

Building the House Episode 12

April 23, 2013

Here we go.

Since my last update we had been finally been assigned a short sale negotiator after oh, 8 months of trying. It was requested that we submit another 4,096,028 pieces of paperwork to start the final process. I gathered all of the paperwork and reached out to the assigned negotiator and he is magnificent. After he reviewed the paper work we submitted he sent over a list of contingencies that we had to meet that just consisted of faxing over bank statements and a letter or unemployment for myself and per the letter he stated once that information was received along with the appraisal he would forward the application off for approval.

Did you read that?!!! APPROVAL. God is so good. I literally broke down in tears. I cannot put into words what this process has taught me about faith and believing and pushing even when the outcome looks unfavorable. Just keep going. The appraiser will be out this week and hopefully he will hit a number very close to what the asking price was and there won’t be a ton of negotiations with the buyer since he already offered above asking and is a cash buyer.

Then…you know God will always send trials to test our faith and sanity.

So my first issue is I specified on the contract that I wanted a third soffit window on the roof and they only put two. My problem is the agent submitted the wrong contract and has yet to do what she said she would do as in asking for this situation to be rectified as in getting my new window added. As a precautionary measure I looked at the contract we had and we were charged for a cabinet upgrade yet she submitted the contract to the builder with the wrong cabinets. My husband called her to see about that getting fixed and her response was that she would be getting back to him regarding that situation. Nothing. As I type this I am steaming, but I prayed this morning for peace regarding the situation and I am leaving it to my husband to handle because he said he would.


Yesterday they decided to cancel our contract because they didn’t have any details on where we were in the short sale process. Please take note that my husband was told they needed this on Saturday when HE called them. Come Monday, contract cancelled. *Chews blood pressure pills like Butthead did on that plane in Beavis and Butthead do America*. Then they had the nerve to say they are not sure they will be able to reinstate the contract at our current pricing.

So we have decided to continue looking for another home. This may or may not be the house for us but seeing that my SIL is a freshly licensed real estate agent it sure won’t hurt to start looking at other options.

In the event this is our home here is the construction progress:

April 6:




April 13:



April 17

So this is where I wanted that third window. See the two fake ones at the top I wanted another one over the far right window. *waits*


April 20

I wanted them to put the window in before this step but alas…*waits some more*


The race is not given to the swift but to the one that endures. It’s almost been a year and I’m tired!
I’m going to pretend I’m Musiq and say AIJUSWANNAMOVE and at this point I don’t care where. My prayer is that the Lord lead us to our forever home and keep us sane in the process.

Keep Praying..The saga continues.

Building the House

Building the House Episode 11

April 4, 2013

Where do I start. This is a long, rambling one. Sorry

About two weeks ago we got a call that solidified what we were thinking regarding our options if the short sale fell through. A big fat NO. If the short sale isn’t approved we either have to put 20% down or walk away. I successfully let this revelation put me in a bad mood for the remainder of the day.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and we got the dreaded call. Short sale denied. I didn’t even get mad. I hung up the phone and said we’re not giving up. Y’all remember what I said a few posts ago? Until someone else puts their curtains in the window and their car in the garage that is our house. I prayed and left it alone.

The next day I remembered hearing about a company on the radio called MarketPlace Homes that helps homeowners like us who are stuck but have out grown their homes. I called them and it would be a week before I could get an appointment to speak with someone. I finally spoke with them and she said she had a lender that she thought could help us get in with 5% down on a conventional. I went through the process and indeed they said they could help us. With this arrangement we would keep our current house and they would act as the property manager for 6 years making sure we always had a tenant and paying us rent in the event the tenant did not pay. We are excited about this option seeing that all of our siding along with the roof is having to be replaced due to the bad hail storm we got a few weeks ago however with this arrangement we have to have quite a large amount of money in reserve to go with this option. Long story short its doable but will cost about $8K more on the down payment side.

Just when we thought that was our only option I got an email yesterday from BoA and they have assigned us to a short sale negotiator for the offer we’ve received on this house. SAY WHAT?!! The attorney office acting on our behalf resubmitted the paperwork and got it pushed along. So basically at this point we may have two options. It may be back down to none next week but we take small victories as they come.

At this point my friends we are neither winning nor losing but we are still in the game and that is all that matters. You have to be in it to win it! God is so good.

On to the building process. Lots of progress in just a little over  a week.

March 17

March 28 collage

I was surprised. I know people were telling me that the process will move quickly but geesh! I thought about no longer sharing these photos in the event things fall through but either way God will get the glory so I press on hoping my faith will inspire at least one of you.

IMG_1052 IMG_1053

IMG_1060 IMG_1058


So that’s where we are! These updates will more than likely now be weekly and I will start to incorporate some video. For those praying and believing for us. THANK YOU!

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Building the House Episode 10

March 14, 2013
March 14 front blog

There are so many things I need to say about this process from the beginning to this point that it is all jumbled in my head. If nothing else comes across, I want this journey to show people that God is truly real and just a mustard seed is all you need in whatever difficulties and obstacles you face in life. I had a discussion with a friend of mine about how people think you are bragging when you share your accomplishments and things that happen in your life.  While I am not saying that some people really are braggers by nature some of us are just trying to show the goodness of God.

From reading blogs I’ve seen people go from infertility to motherhood. From negative to positive thinking. Career changes, moves and just overall self improvement. I never look at these things as bragging but rather I think to myself if God did that for them, He can surely meet MY needs. Those are shows of God’s grace to me, confirmation for me at times comes through other people’s success and I hope my blog does that for someone.

*steps off the pulpit* Whilst the collection plate is being passed around let’s get on with the update.

Soooo, there was drama a few weeks ago. I got a call that our short sale process hit a brick wall and that we would need to go back through the original process that yielded an unfavorable result a few months back. Then the next day I got a call that one of the very first homes built in the community did not appraise and there was a possibility that we may not be able to build our home as it is currently showing on paper regarding upgrades etc. I just cried.

I cried because I was overwhelmed, I cried because I am tired of the unknown, I cried because I was mentally, and physically tired at that point. I woke up the next morning, prayed and told God that I believed in His path and that was our house until someone else put their curtains up in the window….and I truly believe that!!

Went about gathering the additional documents needed and a few days later got a call from a very nice lady at BOA who was assigned to be our new liaison through the process. When I say overly helpful and understanding, she is amazing, compared to the rude and condescending one we had before. She informed me that since we already had the majority of the paperwork in she could expedite some of the process, and she has. I took that small improvement as a sign. I said thank you out loud. The next day our contact at the builder called and informed us that they are doing pre-appraisals to make sure the house will appraise before making any decisions on whether or not changes need to be done. She informed me that at this point we are fine to move forward as written.

In the meantime nearly all of the houses around us are being built. Like completely framed while our lot was still just a mound of dirt, no explanation either. No one could tell me why the delay. The other day I started to go ham but I said God you know the timing and it is always perfect, increase my patience, it will all come together at the end.

I went by this morning and was not expecting to see anything so I left Candace (that’s my camera) at home but was surprised to see this.

march 14 collage blog

March 14 front blog

March 14 b

How can I say I am trusting God and not start packing this place up…

Building the House, Faith

Building the House Episode 9

February 7, 2013
Feb 7

While I knew we had been at this process for quite some time it wasn’t until I went back and looked at the very first update that I did here on the blog that it has been 6.5 months since we started this home building/selling process. While the road has seemed long and dormant I didn’t realize it had been that long…Time sure flies.

Well at this point, we still haven’t heard back from the underwriter regarding the status of our new contract, however the loan officer said it shouldn’t be an issue and we are clear to proceed. That being said this house was put on the market Tuesday and on Wednesday I got a call from the realtor that she had a cash offer that came in about $7K above asking price. That being said this house is currently UNDER CONTRACT and they never even looked at it…and I was worried about it being extra clean. They have requested to close March 18.. Being that this is a short sale it will likely take a little longer and if not then we will be packing up and moving somewhere for a short period of time.

AND this happened:

Week 1 collage blog

Feb 7 c Feb 7

Week 1 collage b

God is good. I’m so thankful…Keep praying we still have to get through the short sale process!

Building the House, Faith

Building the House Episode 8

January 31, 2013
Lot 69

*pours you one of those humongous mugs of tea and slides you a whole bag of biscoff* You’ll need it.

Where did we leave off?

Well remember a few episodes back we were concerned with the funding and had to pay off some bills? Well we finally got the verdict on that from the bank and everything was where it needed to be and we were officially allowed to start the financing process. We got everything back from the underwriter with very minimal conditions.

*insert praise break*

Things are on the up and up. We’re gathering the few additional documents the underwriter has requested and this even happened


 Oh, but don’t get too excited.

So fast forward to Monday of this week, I stop by the builder to request a cancellation form from the very first lot that we had..Remember? She has that look on her face and asked me to come back on Tuesday.

*slow walks back to the car*

Tuesday she explains to me that the county had come out to do their measuring, and while they promised us the ability to have a side garage we would not be able to get that option on that particular lot.

Sooooo you mean to tell me….I kept my mouth shut and processed my thoughts before I opened my mouth.

Basically I told them this was the second time we were promised something that couldn’t be delivered and we wanted the side garage and they needed to make it happen or we would be walking away. She tried to downplay it and that almost sent me spiraling but I kept my composure.

See. We’ve struggled, we’ve settled on many things, we’ve believed and we’ve paid our dues these past 10 years. This is our forever home and we want what we want….and in this instance my friends it is a side car garage.

After some last minute shuffling and accommodations they were able to move us to another lot towards the front. I’m not crazy about it but I will compromise because at this point there are no other options rather than to wait another 6 months when the new phase opens. So we end up here.

Lot 69

Theeeeen I go there yesterday to handle all of the paperwork because we needed to create a new contract. In the process we discover that the survey had already been done on that lot and it was measured for a back staircase and we have to keep that option and they are trying to stick us with the cost…NOPE. That will be my fight for the next few days…I was there from 9 am to 11:30a. Left to run a few errands and pick up my son. Got back there at 3p and didn’t leave until 9p. That was a full day at work and add in whining, bored, hungry children. I was praying in my head the entire time. So since we were finalizing everything I thought it a great idea to throw in some additional amenities that increased the cost so now this all has to go back to underwriting. So now I bite my nails waiting to see if this new contract is approved..

Oh and this house will be on the market tomorrow.

God IS able!!

Need a tea refill?!