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Scenes from Halloween + NaBloPoMo

November 1, 2014

…and just like that it is November 1.

Day 1 of blogging everyday in a month for NaBloPoMo has commenced. I’ve participated in the blog challenge that stretches bloggers to blog every day of November every year I’ve been blogging since 2010. I’m going to make it this year, I think I’ve only made it through one time since then. We’ll see!
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FOUR | Blogiversary Musings

August 11, 2014

On August 10, 2010 I wrote my first blog post. I never imagined after clumsily navigating my way through Blogger  that I would be here 4 years later. NEVER. Four years is a long time. Let’s put that into perspective. I was 31, I’m now 35. Addison was 3 months, she’s now 4. Adrian was 4, he’s now 8. We were in our starter home, we’re in our forever home. I was uncomfortable not working in a traditional/corporate environment, now someone would have to literally drag me kicking and screaming into an office. Continue Reading…


For One Time and One Time ONLY….I Need Your $.02

July 20, 2014

I’m rolling up on my 4 year Blogiversary soon. I’ve been at it for 4 years and my life and focus has changed tremendously during this time. Some of you have been around from the very beginning and I know exactly who you are and I appreciate you. Along the way I’ve gained and lost some but for the next year I would really like to focus on crafting my content to what you all like. If  you like it as it is I’m fine with that but I would like to see what you all enjoy in the blog world so that I can gain more readers and keep the ones that I have !  I would hate to lose you!



Sooooooo. Can you do me a favor? Please?

I am asking not begging you to please take this short survey so I can get an idea of where to spend the next year focusing my content…..maybe. Please feel free to choose multiple answers and if you have something you want to say that isn’t an option please feel free to type it in. Survey will close on July 27

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Aladdin Southern Luncheon

May 9, 2014

Earlier in the week in my Weekend in Review post I mentioned that  last Thursday I attended  a luncheon hosted by Momtrends, Aladdin and Party BluPrints.


The event was held at the beautiful Piedmont Estate. The location was absolutely beautiful, it was like an oasis tucked in the hustle and bustle of Buckhead.

Piedmont Estate Buckhead

The food was excellent. From the salad to our build your own dessert, the fare was fabulous and mixed in well with the decor that was curated by Party BluPrints using the Aladdin Mason Entertaining Collection.



Prior to making our way upstairs to be seated for lunch, we had a ball downstairs chatting and having  sips on a plethora of drink options to include lemonade and some “mommy juice” as I like to call it. You can call it “sprinkling” your drink with a little vodka.


It got a little tricky at times trying to maneuver my “mommy juice” and business cards and purse and camera but I found a way to get a couple of “Mug Shots” in



While my guests were delighted to receive some products from the Aladdin Mason Entertaining Collection at the party I hosted a few weeks ago, I now know that I could’ve upped the décor ante by utilizing these jars in a different capacity from holding flowers, to storing take away gifts, to holding a dessert base where guests can add on different toppings at a dessert bar.

We were able to take away some seasoning rub as well as build a delicious dessert with the mason jars. How clever of Party BluPrints. For more decorating ideas be sure to check out their blog. With products at this price point and accessibility there is no reason your backyard BBQs should be less than stellar this season.



After I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore, and then still snuck in a little more I headed back home. What a delightful Spring luncheon with some fabulous ladies. Thank you Momtrends, Aladdin and Party BluPrints for a great afternoon!


All images courtesy of Bellamy Blue Photography

I was provided compensation to facilitate this post. All opinions are mine….you already know!

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She So Random

December 2, 2013
Elf on the Shelf

How was Thanksgiving?

We laid low over here. As you can probably tell I failed miserably at NaBloPoMo this year. It wasn’t all my fault. Our internet went in Charter had to come out here and do something to the line so I blame Charter that I wasn’t able to finish the challenge. To be honest I’ve been struggling with blogging for the past month or so. I just don’t know if I’m really into it any more, or if I just need to take a break or just take it back to the day when I didn’t care about all of the other stuff that came along with it other than having people genuinely come here and interact. Quietly LaShawn was all up in my head when she wrote this post

Anywho! Thanksgiving was great around these parts. I cooked a little sumthin’ sumthin’, family brought over a little sumthin’ sumthin’ and we enjoyed each other as family should. We hosted at our house so the refrigerator needs to be cleaned out. I just don’t even want to think about that part…ugh.

I didn’t hit up any Black Friday places except Target and I didn’t get what I came for but after reading about the aftermath of some of the activities on Black Friday to be honest this year was probably the last year I will be headed out. I am coming to realize it really isn’t that serious….We’ll see. I say that every year!

So we finally got an Elf on the Shelf this year. She has been named Bella and I won’t tell you how thrilled I am that she is a little chocolate drop like my Addison.

Elf on the Shelf

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