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What up?!!

How was Thanksgiving? I am proud to announce that we found somewhere to eat. We actually had dinner with my god-mother and god-brother. Seeing that I have little family it is always good to spend time with them. They remind me that I have people who care for me here in Atlanta since the rest of my immediate family is in DC and my dad is in Las Vegas. I mean my husband has family here but you know what I mean.

I digress.

Well part of the arrangement was that I come and do the majority of the prepping and cooking. I am slowly developing a love of cooking and I can do a little something but not that old school Thanksgiving cooking so I was happy to get some direction. My mama was the best cook EVER. Yet instead of learning I was out running the streets…true story. Now that I am older I need to know these things and I am thankful to have a stand in to teach me. I am excited to try out what I learned. We just may have Thanksgiving dinner on a random day in January…y’all are invited!!

God bro and I taking a cooking break. Yeah, I cut onions in sunglasses #toocoolforschool

I did manage to remember one of my mothers recipes for sweet potato pie and I made it. She would’ve been proud of me.

I passed on Black Friday festivities. I DID!! Wanna know why? Both of our cars were on E and I wasn’t in the mood to pump gas, at midnight, in the cold, in the name of shopping. Nawl. I passed.

The family and I did venture out on Saturday to do some shopping. Mr. doesn’t shop much but he needed some things so we all rode along. I went hoping to get some stuff and the kids just wanted an Auntie Annie’s pretzel…its the small things.

Ridin’ around and gettin’ it

Sunday, I hit up the thrift store and found a few things. Nothing too fantastic but I did score a brand new pair of wedge boots. I found some oxfords and some slacks, necessary basics so I would say my trip was good. I am going to get back to doing my videos. My webcam is awful, I just ordered a new camera that has video capability so you will start to see more videos in the new year.

How was your Thanksgiving? Any Black Friday action for you?

If you’ve been around these parts long enough you know that I am not a true natural when it comes to the kitchen. I can whip up a few things here and there but it takes time and the outcome and taste are often up in the air.

In a past post, I wrote about trying to create memories for my children like my mother did for me regarding cooking and the like. I want them to be proud to say their mother could rock a pair of skinny jeans and stilettos and bake a mean cake.

Without practice we never get better so I’ve decided to attempt to try my hand at baking something new every Sunday and share it with you, since I love to bake and I would like to get better at it. I’ll never get better at it if I don’t try. Right?

First up…Martha Stewart’s Cheddar Crusted Apple Pie. Not sure why I would start this challenge with a Martha Stewart recipe but…..

You can find the recipe here

I started off making the dough for the crust from scratch. You know it is never smooth sailing with me. I had to pulse the flour, cheese, salt, and butter together. Well my $5 caught on a deal processor was too small for this to happen in one batch so I had to do two…I keep telling  y’all you have to be quick on your feet.

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I made biscuits. From scratch. Me, all by myself…okay with the help of a Paula Deen recipe but my execution was perfect for once.

Here’s the story.

Once upon a time I went to Publix. Although I knew better, I went without a grocery list and as usual I forgot many things to include bread, Ritz crackers and biscuits. Instead of rushing out in the dreary and rainy weather I thought for sure that I might have all of the ingredients on hand to make homemade biscuits after my attempt at making those nasty cupcakes over Christmas. Well call me Suzie Homemaker I had all of the ingredients..barely, but I had them.


I started off by cubing the least this is my take on it.


Then it said something about cutting the butter into the flour mixture. Cutting? *blank stare* I translated that to mean mash, so that’s what I did.


Since I never have proper utensils I settled on using my cutting board to roll out the dough. “Roll out” to be taken lightly seeing I have no rolling pin and instead flattened it with my hand.



Next I had to cut out the biscuits with a biscuit cutter. Please no shade or laughter at my biscuit cutter.


The recipe stated to butter the pan. Instead I used Baker’s Joy



My oven has been known to sabotage me and thwart my efforts at being great in the kitchen so while the recipe called for 12 minutes I started off at 8 min and they were ready in 10.


Yahhh!!! I did it. If you try this recipe, note that it says it yields 3 dozen and I only got a dozen because I wanted them thick. Ow!!!

What are you good at making from scratch?

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