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Once the school bell rings my children know that there is just enough time to get home and take a short break before starting on their homework and whatever worksheets I have for them to do.

Part of the reason I wanted to create the homework space was to give them a nice place where they would enjoy doing their work, as well as get all of that clutter out of my kitchen. I figure if I feel inspired to work in a nice clean, working environment they might feel the same way. To spark their creativity I’ve made the room a very colorful and fun space that will hopefully make them want to stay in there and read, craft, etc.

Homework Station

I plan to slowly fill the space with various learning tools to include books, and maps. Our first addition is the Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Learning Schoolhouse Activity kit that I picked up from Walmart.

Disney Junior

There were other Disney Junior #Ready4Preschool options to chose from to include:

  • Learning Schoolhouse Activity
  • Counting Learning Activity
  • Numbers Learning Activity
  • First Words Learning Activity
  • Rhyming Learning Activity
  • Alphabet Learning Activity
  • Colors and Shapes Learning Activity

I chose the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Activity Kit because it had a mixture of learning activities to include learning time, states, letter sounds and handwriting

Disney Junior, Disney Junior Games, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the first

Disney Junior, Disney Junior Games, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the first


Disney Junior, Disney Junior Games, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the first

…of course Addison’s favorite part is the Mickey Mouse hand pointer

Disney Junior, Disney Junior Games, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the first

I’m giving them a learning break this last week but plan to start incorporating the lessons in this activity center  into Addison’s daily after school learning routine. She is so excited she has been asking me almost everyday if she can get it down from the shelf and play with it. It surely warms my heart that she wants to learn but she can’t play with it unless I’m present lest she loses all of the pieces before the school year starts. I already know, there will be magnetic letters everywhere.

Disney Junior, Disney Junior Games, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the first


I believe teachers and school are just the beginning of our children’s desire to learn. The hard part is actually done at home with us, and while it may seem so easy to just leave the burden of educating our children on our schools and teachers we are actually just as responsible for their learning and reinforcement of the concepts as teachers are. Finding ways to encourage learning and make it fun at home I believe is the start to a love of learning.


In just six days Addison will definitely be #Ready4Preschool. Let’s hope the fun of this doesn’t wear off!

Are you ready for Back to School? What other learning items do you incorporate into your child’s homework routine.

My husband’s best friend and his family are paying us a visit for a few days. Yesterday we thought it a good idea to take the children to Stone Mountain Park. I had only been to Stone Mountain a few times and it was for the laser show that plays nightly during the summer. Yesterday we went and took in the entire experience.

I knew there would be a lot of walking so I opted to wear tennis shoes instead of flip flops and I’m glad I did. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t own a pair of tennis shoes other than my running shoes and they are far from cute. JD Sports was so kind to send me a pair of Air Max to review and I love them.


Shirt: Lacoste Shorts: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s Shoes: c/o JD Sports Black Bangle: Macy’s Sunnies: Rayban



JD Sports, Air Max,


Fun times!


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My mind is full of scribble scrabble right now trying to get everything in order before school starts. I’ve succeeded at tearing up pretty much every room in this house with the intention of putting them back together before school starts. I’m not the neatest person but I have this weird thing where when things like school starts I have to have everything in order, it somehow makes the transition better. I’ve lost a lot of sleep and there is still a huge box and a few trash bags waiting to be thrown away. Ask me why they haven’t been moved.

Addison’s room is finished being painted. Mr. painted the trim and then got swamped with work so even though I said I wouldn’t be the one to paint it…I ended up painting it. Thee worse. The wall was a dark brown and I took it a light beige, that is almost white. It took two coats of the best  paint and primer money can buy. I can’t imagine how long it would’ve taken had I went with something not as thick.


Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 3

Today we purchased her a new bed, mattress and dresser. I’ll do an update in a few days once I get everything made up. Her room has been a hodge podge since we moved in nearly a year ago. It’s time she got a room fit for a Princess.  I sure hope she likes it enough to sleep in there. Not sure how much longer I can go with her bullying me in my sleep. She insists on sleeping on my side, while he gets to sleep in peace and I STAY dangling off the edge.

In the past few days I’ve been to Target and Walmart at least twice a piece, put all of the school supplies in the basket and left without buying them. Why you ask, I feel like I’ll get a better deal if I wait until next week. I mean Crayola crayons are still $.50 when they get down to $.25 I’ll get school supplies, well really I’ll wait until Sunday when all of the new sales come out and compare pricing and then do my shopping.

Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey. For the most part the answers came back as I expected. Then there were the 3 that had something to say about sponsored content. 3! Out of nearly a hundred responses I got three but it’s only human to pay attention to the negative. So I feel the need to semi address the issue of sponsored content.

I keep it real. There will be sponsored content on this blog. As long as my children need things and I have the ability to do it, I will. With that being said will it be for random things I never use or don’t  think might be useful to those who frequent this space. NO. If I brought every pitch to this blog that was sent my way there would be nothing but sponsored content. I don’t even find it hard to turn down the money because I am genuine in this space and I value that more than anything.

I appreciate every one who comes here and supports but if I genuinely choose to use this space to generate income I feel no kind of way about it. I asked because I want to try to make sure that I am mixing it in, can’t please everybody. While sponsored content won’t always be present here, the red X will.

Moving along.

I am so ready for fall. I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and they had the harvest stuff out and I had visions of blowing leaves, crisp nights and pumpkins. Even started thinking about my fall porch. I love fall, it’s my favorite time of the year.

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What’s new in your neck of the woods. Are you waiting on $.25 crayons like me?  You ready for Pumpkin Spice Lattes?