I initially planned to do a 365 but I’m not going to put that type of pressure on myself. I thoroughly enjoy doing these because they allow me to capture memories. I won’t tell you how much I have come to appreciate the photos that I’ve taken for this blog. I know people say when you blog sometimes you totally forget to live in the minute. While it is a gift and a curse, the gift is capturing your life in words and photos that you can look back on and see growth.

This year I am going to attempt a Project 52. I’ve added my own spin. Each week there will be a black and white and a color photo.

We’ll see how it goes.


Blowing on her first “official” manicure

IMG_2666 Why is she always in my refrigerator? Oh, and why didn’t y’all tell me it is so hard to keep fingerprints off Stainless Steel

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