I get  many emails requesting tips on how to look well put together when leaving your house that I thought it might be good to do a post.

Frumpy to Fab

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Let me say, I think at times when people are asking how to look well put together they have their eyes set on someone’s style be it another mom, a celebrity etc. Style is what is comfortable for you, and when looking at others thinking something is fashionable but knowing it would never work for your lifestyle, it just becomes a crutch and an excuse to continue looking a certain way. I’m going to attempt to stop the frumpy madness and tell you to embrace who you are and dress yourself from that space. MmmmmmmKay?!

  • Make up in your mind you don’t want to look frumpy: It’s that simple. Most of the time when I leave THIS house I know that I want to look presentable. That doesn’t mean I have on designer clothing that just means I put some thought into what I am going to put on. MY mood is better when I look good.
Oh look, it's Halle Berry in a simple blouse, ripped jeans and sunglasses. Easy!

Oh look, it’s Halle Berry in a simple blouse, ripped jeans and sunglasses. Easy!


  • Be Intentional About Your Clothing Purchases: As sad as it is, when I want to look a mess I have to dig for things. That’s how I designed it. When I just want to throw on a T-shirt or sweatpants I usually have to borrow them from my husband. I purged my closet and rebuilt it with well fitting basics that I am able to mix and match. For you, that may be a sweatsuit, or tennis shoes. Just be intentional about selecting a flattering sweatsuit or cute sneakers.
  • Shop Smart: I know what’s coming next…MONEY. Who has money to buy these things? You do. Looking fashionable isn’t about spending a ton of money. You can look just as put together with a well fitting pair of jeans, a shirt and a $5 scarf tossed around your neck that you got from Walmart on your weekly shopping trip. Try a pair of earrings or a necklace from Target these things will not break the bank but will do wonders for upping your fashion quotient.
  • Make Sure it Fits: Make sure it fits, make sure it fits and make sure it fits. Nine times out of ten people look a mess because their clothes don’t fit properly. That goes for your bra as well. I don’t care if you got the jeans from Nordstrom or Walmart if they don’t fit, they don’t look good.
  • Put Something on Your Lips and Comb Your Hair: I mean this. Put a dab of gloss or lipstick on and comb your hair. People normally start at the top and go down. If your outfit is on point but the top portion of you is a mess….I mean. Again nothing drastic here, a ponytail or topknot with some vaseline works. I promise.

Really, none of the above is important if you don’t bathe!!


The holidays are upon us, there is truly no reason to step to Black Friday looking like you rolled out of bed or find yourself at the Thanksgiving table looking like it’s an ordinary dinner. Your family and friends haven’t seen you for nearly a year or more, I urge you to put some effort into your look even if it’s only a pair of jeans from Walmart, a top from Target, some flats from Payless and a scarf from the Dollar Tree I have a Dollar Tree scarf make it work for you. Oh and don’t forget to comb your hair and put on some lipgloss.

Need some tips on the basics to buy? Here you go!

What is the biggest challenge you face in making sure you look put together?!

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