Last week I confessed to being obsessed with my new mum. Within the past week I have started to see some growth and it has been pretty exciting. The day before yesterday I looked at the plant perched below the window on my sink and noticed that the leaves were drooping. I immediately felt the top layer of dirt and although it wasn’t parched I figured it might need some water so I poured some in and set out to do something else. Within about 20 minutes I looked at it again and noticed the leaves were back in an upright position.

Bronze Mum

For some reason it crossed my mind that our spirit is just like the leaves on my mum. At times we can feel withered and defeated but a quick word of encouragement or passage from God’s word can quickly revive us again. While I only watered a plant I also realized that when I feel defeated or down it never hurts to open the Bible or read an encouraging word. Sometimes we just need a little spiritual thirst quenching!

Bronze Mum

Just another example of why we should always strive to be kind to people and have a kind word because you never know when you might just be that watering can. Good day!!


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