Happy Friday!

I’ve been MIA for good reason. We finally closed on our new house, packed up our old house, moved and closed on our old house. So much testimony service in those processes that I will be back to tell the stories in depth. However, for now that’s all I have for you.


Out of the gate we have some major superficial issues with the house. The house got a gleaming rating during its inspection, so I’m keeping my sanity holding on to that. The issues we are facing are interior… I know.

The day we moved in the carpet was awful. I had no idea because they had a lot of furniture in the bedrooms. I was very adamant that I wasn’t putting any furniture down on the floor so we called a same day floor cleaner and he came out to steam clean the rugs. After the cleaner left we realized it was really hot in here. After some tinkering with the fancy thermostat we are finally at the conclusion that the air conditioner is broken. I’m thinking its the thermostat unit, or maybe we don’t know how to change their program settings. The seller is coming by this weekend to help us out.

Take a wild guess about what happens when you have floors cleaned and it’s hot. Correct!! It now smells like mildew in here mixed in with pet smells that the cleaning must’ve bought up. I just.

So with money that God will bless us with, hopefully out of the sky we will have to go on a limb and finance new carpet when he had planned to wait until the end of the year to get it done. Oh and we came to the realization of the new carpet situation after purchasing a new refrigerator, dryer and living room furniture. So yeah.

This morning I woke up with a headache, and the realization that God will never give us more than we can handle. The house is beautiful, our kids have adjusted well, we will get through these issues sooner than we anticipated dealing with them but what I have learned is that there is ALWAYS victory…. and you should always have good credit.

In GOOD news.

In spite of all the calamity going on right now and this splitting headache I’m nursing God is ALWAYS right on time. So in our season of waiting and believing we’ve been handed our next assignment.

I met my neighbors next door and they are fantastic. Very welcoming of us to the neighborhood.

My son loves his school and is enjoying riding the school bus.

Addison has adjusted to school well and happily gets up in the morning. The first day I was wreck. I haven’t been since. I think the fact that she is enjoying herself makes it much easier on me.

Addison First Day of School

The impossible happened and we got in this house. The trials we are facing now are nothing compared to what we have endured over the past year.

I have some sponsored posts I have to get up in the next few days and then I promise I’ll be back next week with updates and details. I will probably do a house tour video if there are enough boxes out of the way for you to get a clear view.

Chat later. Have a great weekend!


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