This was one of those whirlwind weekends that has left me feeling every bit of frazzled and delirious.

Saturday morning we headed to Orlando to attend my husband’s cousin’s wedding…or I could’ve just said my cousin in law.


We came back home one child less. My stepdaughter spent the holidays with us.


We left here with ample time to get there before the six o’clock start time but of course there was traffic. We finally made good time after the traffic and managed to squeeze out a little time to hit the outlet on our way to the hotel. We did a little shopping, grabbed something to eat and we were off rushing to the hotel to get ready for a six o’clock wedding that started an hour late.

Orlando Premium Outlet

I had an awesome time. My husband has a huge family, so whenever they get together it is fun to be had and plenty of pictures to be taken. We wobbled, cha cha slid and loudly/ratchetly rapped along with Trinidad James.


The cuzzo and I

Addy dancing

She danced the entire night. Matter of fact we had to hold her hand to keep her from running on the floor during the first dance.

Anedra and I

My SIL and I


The wedding ended late, we went to bed late, and got up early to hit the road back to the A. Got back here around 4 and I went right back out the door to do some grocery shopping. Came home and cleaned up because my Dad is coming to visit from Las Vegas today! I am pretty excited about that.

In a nut shell that was  the quick and dirty of my first weekend of 2013. How was yours? Anything exciting?

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