On this day 4 years ago I got THE call.

The one no one wants.

The house phone first and when we didn’t answer, the cell phone followed. I knew without answering..Mommy was gone.

One day I’ll tell the whole story, just not today.

While my mother left me here 4 years ago, she only left me physically but I am so thankful for the memories.

Today I choose to smile through my tears. I was looking through some photos and thought I would share. My mama was one bad Mamajama!!

Say a prayer for me today..and the next few days. To add insult to injury her birthday is next Saturday the 4th. Hallelujah for BlogHer for diversion but I am still a little broken.

Love y’all!!!!

Purveyor of the *side eye* early

That's her in the middle

Owwwww!!!! My mama and daddy!!

Grandpa and Mommy

She's in the black dress. THAT HAIR!!

2005 pregnant with my son

So proud she was able to see me have my first child

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