How was your weekend?

We didn’t get into much of anything. Kind of cooled out.

We skipped out on Friday and went down to the Tanger Outlet in Locust Grove in search of a Father’s Day gift. We settled on cologne and a shirt from the Gap as his gift from the kids and I got him a new wedding band.

Saturday we went to a cook out and the kids got in the pool . Sunday we headed out for father’s day brunch and went to look at some new  homes…told you. Nothing fabulous and spectacular but great times with the family and friends nonetheless.

I didn’t feel like dragging my camera around so here are some photos I took via my phone with the cracked screen and Instagram from this weekend.



At the cookout..

In case you were wondering her hairbow is by Pretty Girl Bowrettes

She might not sleep and she may pee on herself but you will never have a problem with her eating. EVER

Brunch Food

Brunch cocktails!!

Perfect ending to Father's Day

When we were in DC last week I got a chance to get a photo of my dad with his grandbabies <3 <3 <3

Happy Father’s Day to him!!



How was your weekend?

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