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Mission potty training….complete (kind of)

So, I explained in a previous post that I was implementing the potty “bootcamp” training method. It was going well until I went out of town and no one bothered to stay the course so I had to kind of start  over when I got back.

Addison is wearing panties full time except at night. The problem is she won’t tell me all of the time when she has to go. I notice this breach of communication if there is a lot going on, if she is hanging with her homies or if we are in public. I try to be proactive but she has had a few accidents.

I am adamant about not scolding her, but reassuring her that she needs to tell me. I see now getting her to tell me every time and then moving on to teaching her to go on her own without my help are the next steps.

She’ll get it. I’ll keep her in panties and pack a bag with a few extra pairs, some wipes, some plastic bags and a few outfits because I refuse to use Pull Ups….and as long as the grocery store and the Goodwill staff has access to a mop and water its all good!!

Now, every mom/dad with a small child needs this contraption that I found in Walmart for about $10.

GENIUS!!! No more dangling over the nasty public toilet. It’s big and covers the entire seat when unfolded. I almost cried when I saw this. Go get you one if you have little booties that need dangling. This has changed my life and it fits right into her little bookbag.

Do you have any tips for me as I try to get her going on her own? If you’re potty training how’s it going? Have you ever seen this little contraption before?

*Nope, I wasn’t compensated nor contacted to blog about this product. I just think its pretty cool*


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  • Kim says:

    I have that potty seat and it was the best thing ever! I love that it folds and is portable. I kept in the car to be sure I never forgot it. Good luck with potty training. I wish I had some advice but both girls were easy and never had an accident and it only took them a week. Hopefully she will get use to it soon.
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  • Morocco says:

    Yes girl, I have one, too! Lol, they also have car potties–but that’s just too much going on for me. I really won’t be able to start full swing until I am out of school for the summer as I am the only one who really enforces it in the house (shakes head). But it sure is a monkey on my back that I am determined to shake!
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  • Krissy says:

    1st off, i need to get to walmart for one of those covers. Jas ALWAYS seems to have to go when we are out somewhere and I HATE public restrooms. I know I throw her off when i yell, “DON’T TOUCH THAT POTTY! ITS DIRTY! NO!” lol.

    The sensation to pee comes a short while after the training begins so don’t worry about that. Also if she gets as upset as Jas did about accidents, she’ll stop having those soon too if she can control them. Sometimes the ones in their sleep are beyond their control.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing. Potty training in a process but it’s worthwhile.

  • Robyn says:

    If there was a grade on potty training boot camp I failed…(tear) We started off good in March. Then he got stubborn and didnt want to sit on the freaking thing. He uses it at day care sometimes…they are doing better than me. We sit and sit…nothing. He gets up 30 minutes later and he goes!!! Anyway what aisle is that contraption on in wal mart?!

    • Mimi says:

      They say boys are harder than girls. I can attest to that. It was awful training Adrian. I think that is why I was so surprised that Addison got it so quickly.

      The little contraption is on the aisle where the potties are!!!

  • KalleyC says:

    I love that potty seat. I was considering to get one for my daughter for public but the problem is I couldn’t pick her up anymore. Instead, I ended up getting a travel potty by kalencom. It has disposable liners that you set it up with, but the great news about that is that it does work as a regular potty seat, or we can use it in emergencies when we’re not near a bathroom.
    KalleyC recently posted..It’s All About Our Perception

    • Mimi says:

      I may have to check that out. We are getting ready to head out on a road trip and I am concerned about the numerous potty breaks we will have to make and I don’t want to make her wear a diaper.

  • YUMMommy says:

    I’ve been meaning to get one of those for Moo. I would say keep doing what you’re doing. In situations that can be distracting for just take her and put her the toilet every so often. Usually 15 to 30 minutes after kids have a drink they have to potty. So, you could time it out.
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  • Arnebya says:

    We’re toward the end of training our 2 1/2 year old now. He wasn’t as easy as the girls, or done as early, but he’s had few accidents so I’ll take it. We are anti-Pull Ups too other than during naps and at night. But we are also horrible parents who still let him drink after dinner so yeah, nighttime is gonna take us awhile. I hadn’t seen the portable seats. I’d just gotten used to stealing extra toilet seat covers to take to various places with us. Don’t judge my theft; I needed to know this existed (although I’ma have to check Target because the WalMart closest to me makes me want to stick hot, rusty pokers in my eyes).
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    • Mimi says:

      It took forever with my son. So since he was first I was prepared for the drama but it didn’t happen. I am so happy to be done with it…and now I think I want another baby. I soooooo feel you with Walmart. There is one by my house that I refuse to go in. I don’t care if I have to go out of my way I will. The thing is its been remodeled and is very nice but the workers and management are something AWFUL!!

  • Cara Mia says:

    I have two potty trained children and those toilet covers are amazing and I am so sad I didn’t know about them sooner. I want one NOW! I was late to the potty training party, and didn’t force my twins to train, and instead let them naturally kind of use the potty on their own time, with little intense pushing from me. This meant that they weren’t fully toilet trained until about 3 1/2. Most of my family though I was crazy, so, eh… The only suggestions I ever have for anyone is a set “no more drinks” time for overnight training. But that’s kind of rudimentary, potty training 101. I gotta be honest, I am only here to comment on how much I want one of those travel toilet covers lol
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