Yeah, I didn’t get to it last week so you get a double dose this week.

Things around here have been quite normal *knock on wood*. Everyone is in good health, all the bills have been paid with a teeny bit left over. I’m thankful.

On the other hand..

My housework and grocery shopping skills have been the pits.  I haven’t cooked much but no one is starving, we drank water all week, because I didn’t feel like going to the store for juice..H20 is good for you anyway. Everyone had clean clothes although they had to dig them out of the laundry basket because I didn’t get around to folding them. I took the week off…no it wasn’t planned but I was tired and didn’t feel like it.

I’ve had some pretty good times these past two weeks, maybe too much, and the snowball effect of it has been manifested in my lackluster homemaking skills..who knows and furthermore who cares.

March 10, the awesome young lady who hooked me up with the Mr. was having a birthday dinner. Being that I am forever indebted to her I got myself down to Benihana and had dinner with her.


My first college roomate and I


Roomie and I with the birthday girl

 That following Saturday I headed out to help Niya and Candy Cake Co. sell cake truffle pops at the Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Picnik collage

Sunday the 13th Lil Man had his first recital. He did so well. I am very proud of him. Prior to heading out to the recital I had a moment thinking about how proud of him my mother would have been. I shed a few tears and we headed out. I know she was watching him.



All smiles for our piano player

 So in a nut shell that’s been my last two weeks. Whatchu been up to?

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