Prior to Friday I had been a bad little elf. Not one gift had been purchased, I can honestly say I am in the Christmas spirit but the urge to shop has failed to hit me this year. However, there is nothing like a good deal to put a little fire under the tooshie to get out and get moving. I came across the deal Walmart was having this weekend where you purchased the Wii for $199 and got a $75 gift card back at the time of purchase. Just what I needed!! Headed out Friday night to count it..3 different stores before I was able to find one, and then it was on and poppin’ swiping card here, there and everywhere!!

Sunday, filled the gas tank up and hit the road in the Milf mobile headed from the burbs to Atlanta to finish up the shopping that I started on Friday. Went to the mall and scored some awesome deals on clothing for the children. Got the Mr. a nice pair of sunglasses that he asked for and got toys for the children. The back of my car was full and I felt satisfied with my purchases especially for the minimal amount of money that I spent. Then the foolishness set in this morning and I started to think that I needed to head out and get more “stuff”.

Foolishness, I like everyone else gets caught up in the ideal that the meaning of Christmas is to have the bottom of the tree overflowing with presents that they won’t play with. I have decided to pick up a few more items to include books, a crayola crayon maker, the Michael Jackson game for the Wii and a beginners sewing machine for my stepdaughter and that is IT for the children.These typed words as my witness. I don’t want to them to get the idea that Christmas is all about the cliche but true, these children are horribly spoiled, toys here and there all during the year. I am currently searching to see if there is a place where all of us can go to volunteer so they can really understand how blessed they are, because based on the words that come out of my son’s mouth I think he believes he’s entitled.

The truth of the matter is most of us are in much better positions to provide for our children than our parents were in providing for us. The hard part is drawing the line between satisfying our need to feel validated in going a step above our parents and just being flat out excessive.


                I couldn’t help myself..we got the moves right?!!

Did you lose your mind buying gifts this season or did you keep it conservative?! Be honest!

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  • BESOS LYNN says:

    I agree, it can get excessive… I have often purchased gifts that are truly FILLER items to fill the tree with presents, but a few things will end up getting overlooked, i.e not played with. Some years the gifts will still have the plastic wrap when next Christmas comes, ridiculous. So, this year I vowed to not overspend and overshop. i succeded, but the Mr did not. I came across two of the same items, he didnt even know he purchased them. I also came across items that were FILLER and well he did not keep his end of the bargain. To save my happy home, I wrapped the duplicates and kept it movin! He will figure it out when the kids think Santa is crazy for leaving duplicate items, LOL! I will return it ALL after Christmas. My son is the oldest of our combined 3, so his gifts tend to be a lil pricey, but few. So, he did get a flat screen and a few Wii and Dsi games and that is it. All under $300. I will tell you that is conservative for me, but it may seem excessive to others.
    Happy Holidays

  • Natalie says:

    Girl it is so easy to get wrapped up in the gift buying to forget about the true meaning of Christmas. I like you have a tendancy to go overboard every year thinking I never have enough gifts for everyone! i keep buying gifts for my son who is 10 months and doesn't even know what a toy is! So jelaous of that deal on the Wii!

  • Sha Boogie says:

    LOL@ the video! I am soo tired of being last minute with the gifting *sigh* and I feel you on not letting the true meaning of Christmas get lost in gifts. I want my kids to know about sweet baby Jesus and giving back during the holidays. Sooooo.. for every toy they get, they've got to donate one :))

  • AO xoxxo says:

    It is so easy to go overboard! Esp at Christmas! Every year, I tell myself, this year I am going to cut down on the amount of gifts. Every year I fail. We are so blessed, there really is no need to shower each other with gifts. I believe you are teaching your children right! Next year, I PROMISE, I will not go overboard! Good for you for sticking to your guns!

  • YUMMama says:

    Aww..that video was too cute. And no I did not get caught up the gift buying of it all. Honestly, my childhood has caused me to be humble when it comes to material things. I witnessed how my dad would get broke on buying tons of gadgets and electronics that we loved but really didn't need. And mom would struggle and take on side jobs just to make ends meet.

    Some how I think that in the back of my dad's mind he felt like his giving us all the things he never had when he was a kid would make up for the fact that he was coming and going in and out of our lives. It didn't. I've made myself a promise that I'd never try to spoil Moo with material things. If anything, I'll spoil her with love and attention. That's all kids really need anyway.

    She seems to be thrilled just have that and I hope that she will continue to be satisfied because I have no intentions of ever over showering her with gifts. Plus, with a new baby on the way, buying a house and a mini van/suv next year we just can't afford to break the bank for one holiday that isn't really even about us.

  • New York State of Mom says:

    I wanted to!! I'll be honest, I wanted to OD on gifts but here's what stopped me, 2 things. His birthday party in August was pretty huge and he got TONS of toys (a lot of trucks) and some were to advanced for his age so I didn't let him open all of them so he has lay-over presents and then when I was going to ignore them I realized he'll play with the trucks and blocks for a minute and then give them to me or his dad and then grab a book! He's a geek like his mom :-( lol so I only got a few things and some clothes so I was forced to be a frugal elf this year but greatful for the ability. Jealous about that Wii deal and you're doing GREAT!

  • Mama VioletAK says:

    I did not. I haven't bought any presents this year. I say I will not buy every year and usually break the week before Christmas. T – 5 days and no prezzies yet. My 4 month old will get enough gifts (that she will grow out of or not play with) from family and friends.

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