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Blueberry Morning Bake

Blueberry Morning Bake

I’m not a breakfast person. At the most I’ll grab a banana or a granola bar before I hit the door. In defense of skipping the most important meal of the day I am really not a huge eater and if my stomach isn’t growling food is usually not on my radar. Seeing that I’ve been really sluggish lately and not eating correctly or drinking my water I thought it would be nice if I tried out some sort of breakfast bake that was good and would break up the monotony of the usual cereal or cream of wheat I manage to get down a few mornings a week.

Last week I mentioned the awesome devotional book that I’m loving right now, Savor and the recipes included. I decided to give the first one a whirl, as I do plan to make it through all of them. I’m not a huge fan of blueberries so I was a little apprehensive but I loved it. I’ve had a small slice in the morning with my coffee and a banana. Continue Reading…

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#OurProject52 12/52 – Photographer’s Choice


Parenting my baby girl these past few weeks hasn’t been easy. She seems to be at a crossroads of learning her own independence and verbalizing it at break neck speeds with few breaths in between. Read….she talks a WHOLE lot. In all of her talking she has seemed to turn off her ears.

In this photo I had just told her to stop playing in my water and without turning around she responds, “I’m just helping you do the dishes.” Continue Reading…


One is the Magic #

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As this space constantly evolves into a place that is a collection of my thoughts and deeds, and likes and rants and raves I often can never get close to a computer when I have those moments when I find myself deep in the abyss that is my feels. Then by the time I get there the passion behind the lesson is gone and I’m left only to post a DIY or recipe.

There are the emails about how amazing it must be to get out and do and be free with a supportive husband….and it is. I apologize in some sort of fashion if this space sends the message that my life is always on point and void of the true reality that at times nothing else will suffice in describing those hard moments other than dropping the F bomb with an -ed  followed by up. Continue Reading…