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Liberté #YogurtPerfection

If you follow me on my personal FB I made the announcement that I am slowly climbing back on the health and fitness saddle that continuously throws me off as if it is attached to a  bucking horse. The important thing is getting back on right?

36 doesn’t release pounds as easily I’m finding so as I lace up my running shoes and take charge of my health, I’m finding that the desire to snack is constantly causing me not to be great. I hate to punish everyone in the house but after this round of Oreos and other “snacky” items are gone they won’t be replaced. I’m going to call this a total family lifestyle change so I don’t feel alienated. Continue Reading…

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{#OurProject52} 16/52 Sun Flare


Sun flare is one of those desirable effects to catch in photography, and successfully catching it comes with a little practice. You can see the sun flare in your lens.  I didn’t really catch any images this week that struck my fancy so I decided to highlight some here that I caught with my phone when I wasn’t really trying! Continue Reading…


Pinworthy Wednesday

Breakfast potatoes

This is my last week co-hosting Pinworthy Wednesday. I’ve had a great time finding new blogs to follow. A huge thank you to the hostesses of Pinworthy Wednesday for having me!

Continue Reading…

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Cabinet Organization – Part I


I have 458,638 cabinets in my kitchen…well not really but close. I am ashamed but not really to be truthful with you and tell you that all of them are a H.A.M. All of them.

My pantry makeover kicked off operation kitchen organization and I am proud to report that nearly 2 months later the space is still very much neat and tidy. Ask anyone who has not bothered to put the bread back in it’s labeled basket about me. They’ll tell you I’ve become quite anal about that space. It is now time to move onto the other cabinets. Continue Reading…