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{Addison’s Room} New Décor Alert

August 28, 2014

While I knew that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I am really starting to grasp that a beautiful home won’t be built in a week, a month or heck even a year. I’m learning to  pick up décor pieces that strike me along the way as a cost friendly manner in which to build a good mix of things in my home…kind of like buying that sweater you like but haven’t a clue what you’ll wear with it and later finding the perfect skirt.
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StyleSeat & My Senegalese Twists

August 27, 2014
Senegalese Twists

I’m a huge fan of braided and twisted protective styles. If you can jog your memory back to last summer when I installed box braids in my hair and took them out just a few days later I’m sure you are shaking your head at the idea of me having another protective style put in. Those were braids, I wanted to try twists….there is a difference. Continue Reading…

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A Purple Striped Dress and Green Converse

August 25, 2014

Addison and I have a fairly easy morning routine. She’s in the bed early each night so she often wakes herself before I come in her room. Once out of the bed she calmly puts on the outfit that I’ve chosen and we handle a few of the necessities, you know brush teeth, comb hair etc. Continue Reading…

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A {Vlog} + Monday Musings + A Week in Review

August 18, 2014


Prior to school starting I took out the time to craft this amazing schedule detailing how I wanted everything to run for the new school year. Said schedule was worked down to minute details on what time dinner would be started, children bathed, a laundry schedule etc.  The first week was a little iffy, bedtimes were on point but everything else was pretty much a nah.

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