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StyleSeat & My Senegalese Twists

August 27, 2014
Senegalese Twists

I’m a huge fan of braided and twisted protective styles. If you can jog your memory back to last summer when I installed box braids in my hair and took them out just a few days later I’m sure you are shaking your head at the idea of me having another protective style put in. Those were braids, I wanted to try twists….there is a difference. Continue Reading…

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A Purple Striped Dress and Green Converse

August 25, 2014

Addison and I have a fairly easy morning routine. She’s in the bed early each night so she often wakes herself before I come in her room. Once out of the bed she calmly puts on the outfit that I’ve chosen and we handle a few of the necessities, you know brush teeth, comb hair etc. Continue Reading…

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A {Vlog} + Monday Musings + A Week in Review

August 18, 2014


Prior to school starting I took out the time to craft this amazing schedule detailing how I wanted everything to run for the new school year. Said schedule was worked down to minute details on what time dinner would be started, children bathed, a laundry schedule etc.  The first week was a little iffy, bedtimes were on point but everything else was pretty much a nah.

Continue Reading…

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{Progress} Addison’s Room Makeover

August 12, 2014

Addison’s room. Where do I start? *scratches head*

I’ve briefly mentioned how awful all of the paint colors were and still are for some rooms in this house. So far I’ve only tackled three rooms, laundry, kitchen and now Addison’s room. If walls could truly talk, I’m sure the ones in the aforementioned rooms were like YESSSSSS!  with the little arm movement. Continue Reading…