Kindergarten Here We Come

    File May 24, 10 15 33 PM

    My daughter had her last day of school on Friday. While I had been coming to grips with the fact that school was ending that didn’t stop me from finding myself all in my feels Friday afternoon as we said goodbye to the school that was the first place that ever cared for my child after she stayed home with me for nearly 3 years. Talk about a boo hoo fest. I mainly kept it together until I got in…

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  • She's having an early dinner. It's past her bedtime  #FuriousFours
    #OurProject52 Photography

    {#OurProject52} Framed

    Photography is a great way to not only capture the moment but to also capture exactly what was going on in the background to really tell a story. Every photo won’t be like that…

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    #OurProject52 Photography

    {#OurProject52} Motherhood

    Becoming a mother has been my greatest accomplishment two times over. To be honest, these past few months motherhood has really been testing my patience. My son is easing his way toward preteen foolery…

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    Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole

    Something about lemon says Spring/Summer to me. The citrus, maybe the correlation to lemonade? Well whatever it is when I came across this Easy Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole on Pinterest, I knew I had…

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    Play Like a Girl

    Really and truly as I watch children these days I feel a sense of sadness that they don’t know what its like to play outside and not want to come in until you were…