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Milani Powder Blush Swatch and Review

Milani Romantic Rose, Blush for Dark Skin, Milani Cosmetics

Like most people I love a good “beat” face. I pin images on Pinterest, I jot notes from Instagram pictures on various make up products and colors that I wish to buy and never get around to getting. I suppose my life as SAHM/WAHM just isn’t conducive to me putting on makeup daily, which has translated into me not really owning a plethora of the pretty colors and bougie brushes like most of you.

Just a few days away from the age of 36 I’ve decided that even if I’m not wearing it everyday I want to have an arsenal of pretty makeup that compliments my skin tone for those times when I want my face made up. I want some of those pretty expensive brushes and all of the good stuff. So my journey begins here with my new Milani powder blushes. Continue Reading…

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{#OurProject52} 8/52 – From Where I Stand

From Where I stand

The thing I’ve learned about photography is that sometimes getting the right shot will take more than just aiming the camera at an object and pushing the shutter button. I’ve learned that getting decent pictures for this little blog will sometimes require a few hacks and tricks.

For my Pantry Makeover post I needed to get a shot of the top cabinets and standing on the floor and shooting up just wasn’t getting it for me so I had to take a bit of a drastic measure when my tripod wouldn’t get tall enough. Continue Reading…

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Pantry Makeover

Pantry organization

I finally completed a project around here. It only took me a couple of months to do what should’ve taken a weekend, like this past one but that’s neither here nor there. If you haven’t noticed my kitchen has a million cabinets and at one point all of them were a hodge podge of expired food and misplaced items.

Now I have four cabinets on the far wall of my kitchen that I consider to be my pantry done….and it feels good. I started off the year saying every space in this house would be organized by year’s end and I intend to keep that promise so I guess I really need to get going. I know half of my battle is going to be making sure that every little item in this house has a home so that’s where I started with this pantry makeover. Continue Reading…

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{Publix Viva Italia Days} Hunts “Classic” Skillet Lasagna + Giveaway

skillet lasagna resize

This article is sponsored by Viva Italia Days at Publix: Hunts Tomatoes, Progresso™ Brand Products, Kraft Parmesan Cheese, Pillsbury™ Refrigerated Breads, Betty Crocker™ Cookies

Y’all know I love a quick recipe. Italian food is a favorite of mine and let my husband tell it since he’s been “beasting” out in the gym he needs pasta so he was real close by as I was whipping this up…as in all in my face like when can we eat. He even put the garlic bread in the oven and stirred while I snapped photos.

I ventured out to Publix to grab a few key ingredients, not to mention the recipe I “tweaked” was right on the back of the Hunts tomato sauce can. For such a flavorful dish the ingredients were few and I substituted a few ingredients, mainly switching out the Italian sausage for turkey meat. Continue Reading…

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{OurProject#52} Week 7/52 LOVE


You will have to excuse my subpar submission for today. I’m getting old and traveling is starting to take a toll on me. I’m still not back in full swing from this weekends trip but luckily the weekend in Orlando was focused on love, marriage and family.

Really and truly the ultimate form of love is that of family so I just decided to put all of the selfies and photos I took from this weekend with my children and family and use it as my photo for the week. Love, wedding, family, it works!! Continue Reading…

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{Weekend Vlog} – Road Trip. Orlando. Wedding


If you follow me on Instagram you already know we travelled to Orlando last weekend to celebrate with my SIL at her wedding. The wedding was beautiful and while I lived in the moment enjoying family, good times and semi warm weather I did manage to grab a few video clips.

I did a little shopping but most of all enjoyed getting away for a few days. My children are out of school for the week so we are laying low and taking it easy. I desperately need a break before I break down so I’ll take these few days to rest a bit and get geared up for next week! Continue Reading…